The Impact of New Gambling Regulations in the UK

As you likely already know, the UK Gambling Commission set out to put in new regulations in the gaming industry with a focus on online gambling in May 2019. These new regulations aimed to make gambling safer and fairer, with one of the key changes being increased strictness around age verification.

Gambling operators must now verify customer age before the customer is able to deposit funds, gamble using their money, use a free bet bonus, or access any ‘free to play’ versions of gambling games. This comes as a rather large shift, as operators could previously take 72 hours to verify customer age, and, while the operators could not issue pay-outs during that time, the user could still use the platform while waiting for a verification result. More info on our page: What Is Underage Gambling?

This, among other changes, has had a huge impact on website operations, creating several issues that may be very difficult to overcome. Let us take a look at some of the biggest changes from the new regulations and their impact on gambling operations in the UK.

Increased Barrier to Entry

One of the biggest issues in gaming in the UK was caused by the new regulations is an increased barrier to entry for customers. Previously, potential users could sign up to a website and instantly place bets, play games, or partake in any other activity.

However, operators are now required to verify age before providing access, meaning it is impossible for users to instantly play. This causes multiple problems for the user, from struggling to provide the required information, to simply getting bored of waiting for verification or even forgetting a website they signed up for altogether, as they must now wait for verification.

This will no doubt hurt the number of users signing up, as well as the overall conversion rate of signup to bets placed or games played.

Higher Operating Costs

With these new regulatory requirements comes an increase in the UK gaming industry’s operating costs. Players will no doubt flock to websites that can verify their information the quickest, meaning speed will be key to attracting new customers.

With every customer having to be verified on signup before they can place a deposit, it will be in every operator’s best interest to make the process as quick and painless as possible.

Whether this means hiring staff to manually validate data or investing in a verification platform, costs will rise.

How IDnow’s AutoIdent Solves New UK Gambling Regulation Issues

Along with providing a new set of regulations, the UK Gambling Commission also recommended for operators to consider using AI or biometric applications to identify players. These ID-Powered identification tools would provide a seamless onboarding system, reducing verification times and lowering the threshold of human error.

IDnow’s AI-Powered ID verification tool, AutoIdent, is the perfect solution to the issues created by the newest gaming regulations in the UK. IDnow uses artificial intelligence to check security features on ID documents, with a key focus on round security and uncomplicated application for the customer. It makes the process as straightforward as following simple on-screen prompts and completing verification within minutes, boasting a conversion rate of over 90%.

IDnow is also very proud to be recognised by winning the EGR Awards 2021 and we were also in the Headline Category Compliance & KYC Supplier.

“A very impressive entry and a good submission. They understand the potential of technology but also that human instinct is important is key to successful solutions.”

This would both greatly reduce the barrier to entry, as well as overall costs. Users could sign up and be verified by AutoIdent in minutes, all while being guided every step of the way by the program. There would also be no need to use staff to manually check documents, as the AI-Powered ID verification tool would do just that, and IDnow specialists are always available for a manual review, in the unlikely case it is needed. With already having a strong presence in the UK market IDnow expanded with a UK entity in mid-2020.

IDnow already has partnerships with prominent companies such as Klarna, Paysafe, Macropay, Holvi, N26, Allied Irish Banks as well as some of the leading gambling operators such as Entain, which owns Ladbrokes and Coral, Lottoland, Kindred Group, etc. With a strong team and years of experience, IDnow’s AutoIdent is the perfect way to adapt to ever-tightening gaming regulations.

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Roger Redfearn-Tyrzyk is Director Global Gambling & Sales UK at IDnow.

Roger Redfearn-Tyrzyk
Director Global Gambling & Sales UK at IDnow
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