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Convenient and secure identity verification for smooth travel experiences.

The travel industry has faced tremendous challenges due to the global pandemic. IDnow supports the digital transformation of your company for a successful future. No matter the segment: aviation, hospitality, car rental, cruise or travel technology – we’ve got you covered!

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Delight your travelers and guests with a seamless digital travel experience.

As businesses increasingly move toward a digital travel experience, identity verification has become an essential part of booking and check-in or onboarding. By providing a more seamless and secure travel experience, businesses can gain a competitive advantage in the market.

By verifying a traveler’s identity at the beginning of the journey, identity verification can help to streamline the travel experience by eliminating the need for manual document checks throughout the journey.

In addition, identity verification can help to improve security by ensuring that only authorized travelers have access to certain areas of the travel network. Identity verification can therefore be a catalyzer for a digital travel experience that is both convenient and secure.


Streamline your check-in processes.

IDnow AutoIdent provides you with a modular check-in process and a traveler data set tailored exactly to your needs – from precise data readouts through quick passport scans to comprehensive, digital check-in processes, including biometric verification. Furthermore, you can add the capture of required travel documents, for example, Covid-19 test results, proof of vaccination or country-specific entry registration forms – all in one flow.

One simple flow – tailored to your needs.

Verify ID documents and read out relevant data

Verify the biometric identity of the traveler | optional

Capture Covid-19 test results or proof of vaccination | optional

IDnow Platform

Scalable Identity Proofing for the best digital travel experience.

As a core part of the IDnow Identity Proofing Platform, IDnow supports travel and hospitality operators with customized and fully automated identity verification solutions. With IDnow, travel and hospitality businesses save costs through operational efficiency while supporting seamless and convenient travel for guests and travelers across all user channels.

From convenient travel bookings to digitized check-in processes – the IDnow platform provides scalable solutions to match any organization’s size, use case, and market requirements for 195+ countries and 30+ languages.

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Use Cases

Optimize booking and check-in processes.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, travelers and guests in the hospitality sector are demanding the highest levels of hygiene, social distancing, and sanitization. A study shows that 84% of guests prioritized social distancing practices in a hotel to feel safe, and 71% of guests are more likely to stay in a hotel offering self-service technology, while almost 50% of the hotels surveyed said that they overcome staff shortages by digitizing processes such as check-in.

Our identity proofing platform is designed to remotely verify people’s documents in a seamless way. Enhance your online check-in procedures by adding digital identity verification.

Prevent fraudulent behavior.

Hotel fraud is a serious problem that can cost businesses a lot of money. There are many ways that hotel fraud can occur, but one of the most common is through identity theft. In order to prevent hotel fraud, it is important to identity proof guests at the time of check-in. This can be done by requiring guests to present a valid ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.

By leveraging the versatile identity proofing platform from IDnow, with different modules and security layers, hotel and travel agencies can help to prevent fraud (e.g. vacation rental scam) and protect their businesses.

Validate car rental drivers with ease.

With the sharing economy booming, it’s important for car rental companies and car-sharing services to ensure that each person picking up a vehicle is in possession of their driver’s license, so there can be no doubt about which person operates which car.

The validation of a driver’s license or verification of the customer’s age through their credit card is becoming a crucial part of shared mobility service because it protects both the customer and the car rental company.

With IDnow’s automated identity proofing solution, drivers get quickly on their way while operators remain on the safe side.

Better for your business.

  • Increased efficiencies
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved conversion
  • Meet Covid-19 travel requirements

Better for your customers.

  • Convenient mobile bookings
  • Contactless check-in
  • Eliminated show stopper
  • Smoother travel experience

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