Your passport to instant, secure check-in across borders.

Speed meets security for seamless check-in and travel experiences. Take your customer journey to the next level with real-time, remote identity verification.

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A check-in experience for the modern traveler.

With IDnow, you can optimize the travel experience for your customers, by reducing manual checks, improving security and reducing the risk of fraud. Check out the use cases we cover with our automated KYC solutions:

Speed up the booking procedure

Optimize check-in processes

Prevent fraudulent behavior

Validate car rental drivers

Automated identity verification for a seamless travel experience.

Built with in-house technology, our automated identity checks allow for quick passport scans for precise data verification along with a biometric selfie to verify your guests in seconds.  

Eliminate the need for manual document checks, as data is automatically transferred into the guest registration and backend systems.

Use Cases

Speed up the booking procedure.

Streamline the booking process with automated KYC and biometric checks that benefit businesses and users.

IDnow’s automated identity verification services enable travel companies to quickly and securely verify the identities of their customers, while making significant time and monetary savings. Remote identity verification allows airlines, car rentals and accommodation sites to verify the identity of their customers before they even check-in.

Optimize check-in processes.

Checking in for a flight or at a hotel can be a long, frustrating affair, especially during high season, or peak periods. 

Our automated identity verification conducts quick passport scans for precise data verification and includes biometric verification to help you digitize check-in processes. With manual document checks out of the way, your staff can focus on what they do best – engaging with your guests and providing them with superior service.

Prevent fraudulent behavior.

Travel fraud, such as identity theft or credit card scams, is a growing problem that can impact revenue and negatively affect the travel experience.   

Protect your business and your guests by offering a quick, convenient and secure digital identity verification step at the check-in stage. 

Validate car rental drivers with ease.

Transportation in travel has evolved over the years, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of safety. 

While car and vehicle rental services are becoming an increasingly popular option when people travel, or go on a business trip, it is important for you to know who you’re renting to. 

With IDnow’s automated identity verification service, you can validate driver’s licenses within seconds to verify identities and age requirements and get your customers on their way quicker. 

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