Idnow VideoIdent

Seamless online identification via expert-assisted video chat with full AML-compliance.

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Video chat-based identity verification

AML-compliant solution that meets high security requirements.

It takes customers just a few minutes to conveniently register for your services.

With IDnow’s video verification, you can verify your customers’ identity within a few minutes – it’s easy, secure and in compliance with the law. Our EU-patented solution results in a clear increase in conversion rates compared to traditional offline procedures. It combines the expertise of highly qualified ident and fraud specialists with AI-based technology.

Meet high security requirements with very good usability.

  • Friendly.

    Dedicated and supportive ident and fraud-spotting experts in over 10 ident centers in Germany and Europe.

  • Easy.

    Excellent usability, optimized for desktop, tablet, mobile and POS processes, and confirmed by very good user ratings.

  • Secure.

    All communication is done via encrypted channels. Data centers are located in the European Union to ensure a high level of data protection.

  • Compliant.

    High level of legal compliance in accordance with the strict regulatory requirements throughout the European Union and beyond.

Meet IDnow VideoIdent.

All the customer needs is Internet access, a computer with a webcam, a smartphone or tablet, and their valid identification document. IDnow VideoIdent enables identification by video chat whilst considering all the requirements outlined in the Money Laundering Act, data protection directives and the requirements stipulated by the respective supervisory authorities (e.g., BaFin, FIAU, FINMA or FMA).

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User Flow

Seamless online identification via expert-assisted video chat.

All the customer needs is Internet access, a computer with webcam, a smartphone or tablet and their valid identity document.

Your customer starts the verification process with IDnow VideoIdent.

Ident Specialist identifies your customer through the IDnow software.

Transmission of identification data and thereby conclusion of the verification process.

Regulatory & Compliance

Meets strict regulatory requirements.

IDnow VideoIdent complies with the Anti-Money Laundering Act and is subject to the national requirements of the respective supervisory authorities, in Germany as governed by BaFin, in Malta by FIAU, in Austria by FMA, and many more. IDnow VideoIdent ensures a high level of legal compliance according to the strict regulatory requirements in the European Union and beyond. All data centers, ident centers and ident specialists are completely located in the European Union to ensure a high level of data protection for our platform.

You can benefit from in-depth industry and expert knowledge and you may receive regular information on regulatory changes relating to KYC and digital identities in our KYC Insider Newsletter or contact us directly.

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IDnow eSign

Digital conclusion of contracts in compliance with the law.

With IDnow eSign, you can sign contracts with your customers online. Instead of requiring a handwritten signature, a face-to-face equivalent of the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is created. It is equally valid from a legal perspective.

In just a few minutes, IDnow eSign enables contract conclusion without media disruption or additional hardware.

All the customer needs is Internet access, a computer with a webcam, a smartphone or tablet and their valid ID document. The customer will first be identified through IDnow VideoIdent before being taken directly to the contract signing. Everything happens within the same seamless process. This allows for a great user experience, which in turn improves the conversion rate.

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Better for your business.

  • Improved conversion
  • High level of legal compliance
  • Customizable mobile and web integration
  • Secure storage of customer data

Better for your customers.

  • Qualified ident and fraud specialists
  • Verification in just a few minutes
  • No additional hardware
  • Easy to use

Our Products


AI and machine learning-based identity verification for users. Our fast, easy and flexible solution– available anytime and anywhere.


Digital verification via video-chat, backed by AI-technology. Our AML-compliant solution meets high security requirements.


NFC-based solution for the electronic German identification card. Our identity verification solution with easy data scanning via smartphone. AML-compliant.


AML-compliant and secure identity verification through a simple bank transfer. Automated and available 24/7.

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