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IDnow VideoIdent.

Seamless online identification using an agent-assisted video chat process in compliance with the Money Laundering Act.

With IDnow’s Video Verification you can verify your customers’ identity within a few minutes – it’s easy, secure and in compliance with the law. Our EU-patented solution results in a clear increase in conversion rates compared to traditional offline procedures. It combines AI-based technology with the expertise of highly qualified ident specialists.

All the customer needs is Internet access, a computer with webcam, a smartphone or tablet and their valid identity document. VideoIdent enables identification by video chat whilst considering all the requirements outlined in the Money Laundering Act, data protection directives and the requirements laid down by the respective supervisory authorities (e.g. BaFin, FIAU, FINMA or FMA).

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Advantages for you.

  • Higher conversion rate.
  • Highest security standard & legal compliance.
  • Customized integration capability.
  • Improved quality of your customer data.
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Advantages for your customers.

  • Anytime and anywhere.
  • No additional hardware.
  • Easy and quick in a few minutes.
  • Real-time processing of the request.

The decisive factor for selecting IDnow was the objective of providing our customers with a 100 % digital and mobile process, that can be seamlessly integrated using the APIs in our digital infrastructure fidorOS right through to our backend systems.

Matthias Kröner
CEO Fidor


IDnow Video Verification is as simple as this.

Use cases.

Many industries are faced with the challenge of digitalizing their business processes. In cooperation with the end customer, in many cases it is advisable to identify this beforehand. This is beneficial for the security of both parties, particularly in the finance, insurance, telecommunications, automotive and eCommerce sectors.

Regulatory requirements.

IDnow VideoIdent is a solution that complies with the Money Laundering Act. In Germany, for example, it is governed by BaFin, in Malta by FIAU, in Austria by FMA and in Switzerland by FINMA. We meet all legal requirements for most European countries.


IDnow VideoIdent and IDnow eSign can be incorporated individually into your IT landscape.

During your implementation we are happy to support you in workshops, remotely, or on your premises.