IDnow AutoIdent

State-of-the-art AI-powered solution for the highly reliable verification of your customers’ ID – anywhere in the world.

Our intuitive AI-powered solution enables you to quickly and dependably verify your customers’ ID.

Deep ID recognition intelligence ensures highly effective authentication and total compliance with KYC requirements.

AutoIdent provides optimum fraud prevention in conjunction with unparalleled conversion rates and comprehensive compliance. Our hybrid identity verification solution combines the best of humans and machines. We leverage state-of-the-art machine learning technology and a network of identity and fraud specialists to enable you to increase your onboarding rates – while keeping fraudsters at bay.

The fastest way to verify your customer’s identity.

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Maximize conversion rates.

Achieve best-in-class conversion rates.

Outstanding usability.

We design and build identity verification solutions with excellent usability – reflected in our top ratings on Trustpilot, Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning ensure a first-class customer experience. We eliminate unnecessary user input by automatically capturing key data from ID documents. In other words, our AI does the “heavy lifting” for your customers.


We deliver reliable results – each and every time. Even when manual review by one of our ID specialists is required, you can be sure of quick, reliable results.

Rapid response.

Results are typically delivered in real time. Even if manual intervention is needed, outcomes are delivered within a few minutes.

Omni-channel integration.

Incorporate your chosen solution into a mobile app, website or at the point of sale.

Ideal for global deployment.

AutoIdent is designed for a connected world and capable of identifying people anywhere, anytime.

Exceptionally high conversion rates.

Typically, from 70% to over 90%.

Global document support.

Supports a multitude of document types such as passports, driver’s licenses, ID cards and many other documents around the globe.

Check out how AutoIdent helps to shape the Future of Mobility.

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Compliance with regulations.

Complete compliance with the strictest requirements.

IDnow conforms with all regulatory guidelines across the EU.

Suited for the toughest regulations on the planet: Our solutions are tailored to the most demanding regulatory systems around the world. Our assurance – we will meet all of your market-specific requirements.

A single, one-stop platform for multiple regions and use cases: We fulfil KYC requirements across diverse countries and use cases with a single, highly customizable platform.

We comply with the extremely stringent requirements of the GDPR.

Be sure your identity data stays within the European Union: Our resources and activities are located entirely within the European Union, including our IT infrastructure, IT professionals and ident centers.

AutoIdent Flow

Designed for enterprises.

Profit from a solution developed specifically to meet the needs of your enterprise.

Using our robust API, you can integrate IDnow AutoIdent in a way that works best for your business and your customers. Moreover, IDnow AutoIdent can be seamlessly incorporated into multiple channels, includes mobile applications, Internet and physical locations, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Your own customer success team.

A dedicated account manager and a customer success manager, service professionals who support the optimal integration and utilization of our solutions.

Reliable, transparent delivery with SLAs.

Measured, reported and fulfilled.

Ready for a security audit at all times.

We have undergone and successfully passed hundreds of client security audits – and we are happy to be audited by your organization, too.

One-time API Integration.

Integrate our platform API just once and benefit from a comprehensive, seamless solution to all your identity verification needs.

Data analytics.

We provide you with a powerful reporting portal that can be tailored to your individual needs.

We provide a complete portfolio of operating models: full-service (including ident specialists), software-as-a-service and on-premise.

Prevent fraud.

Ensure reliable onboarding and avoid financial and reputational damage.

We have market-leading technology for verifying the authenticity of documents and people’s identity.

Security checks using artificial intelligence.

Best-in-class biometric checks and video-based liveness detection protect you from identity fraud.

Superior results through video-based technology.

Our entire platform is built on video rather than still images. This means that all security checks are executed based on hundreds of images, rather than just a static image. This process results in absolute security.

Hybrid process: The best of humans & machines.

Our human ident specialists assist in instances where intervention is required.

False acceptance rate (FAR) of just 0.05%.

False acceptance rate (FAR) of just 0.05% – i.e. the proportion of idents the system reported as a success/authentic which were later revealed to be fraudulent. Meaning, the true positive rate (TPR) that the IDnow AutoIdent system reported as a true positive is 99.95%.





A truly future-proof solution.

Engineered for mobile devices and designed to support the always-on experience demanded by today’s customers, IDnow AutoIdent is both powerful today and ready for tomorrow.


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