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Holvi – the digital business current account for the self-employed.

Holvi diversified its Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process with services provided by IDnow in 2017. Prior to this process, documents were manually captured and assessed internally by Holvi employees. The user had to upload their ID and wait for it to be verified. During busy periods, clients had longer waiting times. Moreover, verification could only be performed on weekdays during business hours.
In light of rapid business growth, Holvi soon needed to broaden its processes and decided to partner with a professional partner that enables rapid and above all scalable solutions. The goal was to combine a positive user experience with robust security while complying with applicable laws and regulations.


  • Why IDnow has become an important component in Holvi’s growth strategy
  • How IDnow and Holvi managed the balance between customer experience, security and a quick process.
  • How IDnow helped to implement the perfect product for Holvi’s expansion to the UK market.

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