VideoIdent Flex.

Elevate trust with a personal touch.

VideoIdent Flex is a fully customizable, expert-led video identity verification service, uniquely designed to boost customer conversion rates, reduce rising fraud attempts and tackle an array of complex online verification scenarios.

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  • <3 minutes

    Video verification

  • >80%

    Conversion rates

  • 800+

    Identity & fraud experts

  • 10+ years

    Video verification experience

  • 2,700+

    Money mules identified

  • 8,300+

    Identity theft attempts identified

VideoIdent Flex.

Personal real time video verification.

Transform your onboarding or authentication processes with expert-led live interviews for real-time decisions, ensuring accessibility for all genuine customers. VideoIdent Flex offers a trusted solution, eliminating manual processing and providing a VIP experience for users.

How it works

    • The end user is guided by the initial automated process to capture photos of the front and back of their ID document, as well as a selfie for proof of ownership.

    • Following instructions from the automated process, the end user captures a selfie for matching against the photo on their ID document.

    • The end user interacts with the identity expert, choosing their preferred language and responding to security questions asked by the agent.

      The identity expert introduces themselves and asks security questions designed to prevent fraud and identify potential instances of social engineering. They may customize the questions based on the client’s preferences or select from a predefined set of questions.

    • The end user follows prompts from the identity expert, which may include performing dynamic movements like waving their hand in front of their face. They need to cooperate with the expert and respond naturally to the prompts.

      The expert agent conducts anti-fraud checks, such as verifying document authenticity, analyzing facial movements during dynamic actions and flagging any suspicious behavior that may indicate a presentation attack. The expert agent verifies the authenticity of the selfie to ensure it matches the photo on the ID document. They may conduct additional checks to detect any signs of manipulation or fraudulent activity.

    • The end user may be asked to bend the document, cover and uncover security features with their thumb, or tilt the document to check for holograms. They need to follow the expert’s instructions to verify the document’s security features.

      The identity expert examines the document for security features, including checking for paper quality, fonts, damage and validity. They ensure that the document is genuine and not tampered with, conducting expert checks to validate captured data against the document.

    • The end user enters a one-time passcode for additional security measures, which may be used for device binding or authentication purposes.

      The identity expert oversees the entry of the one-time passcode, ensuring that it is entered correctly and securely.

    • Upon successful verification, the end user is onboarded as a customer.

      Identity experts make real-time decisions based on the verification results, with the option of manual reviews by a supervisor if fraud is suspected. Identity experts maintain professionalism and discretion during the verification process, ensuring a seamless experience for the end user while preventing fraudsters from detecting their identification.

Why video verification?

  • Make it personal every time

    Our expert-led video identity verification can transform your customer experience with personalized, face-to-face video appointments.

  • Tailored configuration

    Choose the verification level for your requirements. Whether low-risk scenarios or highly regulated environments, our flexible solution aligns precisely with your needs.

  • Streamline onboarding

    Streamline your verification procedures by automating processes, reducing fraud and significantly enhancing exclusivity and onboarding efficiency.

When to use video verification.

Build trust during onboarding and across the customer journey.


Compliant onboarding

Comply with regulations globally.

  • New account creation
  • Online enrollment
  • New application

Step-up authentication

Keep customers’ accounts and data safe.

  • Password reset
  • Change of details
  • Add/modify beneficiary
  • Add additional services


Optimize remote signing processes securely.

  • Contract signing​
  • Loan/mortgage ​
  • Agreements


  • When other solutions falter or present accessibility challenges, VideoIdent Flex ensures genuine users can access services digitally, maximizing registrations and increasing customer sign-ups.

    Face-to-face experience

    Ensure customers can access your services with the same personal touch they expect in branch, anytime and anywhere, all while saving on costs.

    Enhance accessibility and inclusivity

    Verify individuals regardless of age, disability, gender or digital experience, ensuring every genuine customer can access your services.

    VIP experience

    Transform customer experiences by providing personalized and exclusive expert-led verification during new account openings, setting your brand apart in the market.

    100% decisioning

    Maximize acceptance rates and conversions for high-value transactions through personalized face-to-face interactions, guiding customers through the verification process to prevent dropouts and ensure successful outcomes.

    Whenever high risk is identified, such as when PEPs or users from high-risk countries try to access services, VideoIdent flex can provide an additional layer of confidence to handle complex checks and onboard genuine users.

    Efficient exception handling

    When other solutions leave you uncertain, rely on VideoIdent Flex to seamlessly manage exceptions and optimize onboarding rates for genuine customers.

    High-risk verification

    Capture an image of a valid document and have it manually reviewed by an identity expert to verify your customer’s address and/or country of residence.

    Personal safety

    Enhance safety by ensuring individuals are accurately identified in situations posing physical risks, such as dating apps or peer-to-peer rental platforms.

    Whenever fraud is suspected, VideoIdent Flex can provide an additional layer of confidence to only onboard genuine users, enabling you to spot and stop fraud in an instant.

    Spot and stop fraud attacks

    Face up to fraud with VideoIdent Flex. In cases of suspected fraud, expert-led video identity verification enables you to protect customer accounts and the bottom line.

    Fake IDs

    Stop the use of forged, fraudulent or manipulated documents and ensure only genuine and valid documents are being used to confirm an individual’s identity.

    Identity theft

    Prevent identity theft fraud like account takeover by asking security questions during key account updates.

    Social engineering

    Ensure users are undergoing identity verification processes for the right reasons and not being deceived or manipulated into divulging personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.

    Money mules

    Add an additional layer of confidence when onboarding customers to ensure users are genuine and not performing an identification process on the orders of a criminal.

    Build trust. Prevent fraud. Drive growth.

    Elevate your identity verification process with a choice of pre-build configurations that have been specifically designed to balance user experience and risk. VideoIdent Flex can be further customized to optimize customer registration experiences, ensure regulatory compliance and minimize fraud.

    • Achieve compliance

      Navigate Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism regulations with ease to avoid fines and penalties and protect your reputation.
    • Global coverage

      Expand your market with our global document coverage and choice of expert language.
    • Fraud prevention

      Our advanced fraud detection prevents social engineering fraud, document tampering, projection and deepfakes.
    • Face-to-face interaction

      Enhance the customer journey with a personal human touch, ideal for helping with accessibility challenges.
    • Real-time decisions

      Get informed decisions with real-time identity verification, without alerting fraudsters to any suspicions.
    • Full or self-service

      Choose to use our identity experts or your own staff, which we can train to the highest standard.


    At IDnow, we understand the importance of tailoring your onboarding processes to suit your organization’s needs. That’s why we offer two different versions of VideoIdent Flex:

    • Full service: Let our identity experts handle identity verifications, ensuring swift and precise results while reducing the burden on your team.
    • Self-service: Equip your team with comprehensive training, empowering them to conduct verifications internally. This flexible option seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows, offering cost-effective and efficient onboarding solutions.

    Transform your industry with video identity verification.


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