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A fast and reliable way to verify identity and driver’s license.

Meet the requirements of today’s dynamic mobility landscape with IDnow’s identity verification solutions, and provide a fast, convenient and secure onboarding experience.

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The mobility sector is an industry in transformation.

Learn how AI-based identity verification is shaping the future of mobility.

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With IDnow, we were able to take a big step in the right direction. The technical implementation of their two solutions, AutoIdent and VideoIdent, was flawless and our customers can look forward to a fully automated ID check. We are excited to see how the new offering will be received.

Markus Huber | Head of Innovation and New Business Sectors & Till Sommerfeld | Innovation and New Business Sectors | RMV

IDnow Platform

Allowing drivers to get on their way quickly.

As the mobility of the future focuses on user-friendliness and rapid availability, today’s drivers, whether of cars, electric bicycles or e-scooters, or of any kind of public transportation, expect to be able to complete registration processes anytime, anywhere, often without even putting down their smartphones.

IDnow’s identity verification platform meets these expectations. For example, utilizing IDnow AutoIdent, your customers can verify their driver licenses through a fast, easy and automated AI-powered process – yes, even paper documents. In the event that you require drivers to sign contracts or leases you can use our electronical signature solution IDnow eSign. This involves issuing qualified electronic signatures that are compliant with eIDAS and can replace manual signatures.

Meet your KYC identity verification needs with IDnow’s flexible platform. Integrating the IDnow platform is as easy and fast as it is to use, and it provides scalable solutions to match any organization size – from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational enterprises.

Use Cases

Verify driver licenses.

IDnow AutoIdent offers convenient, automatic verification of the driver’s license and age, allowing drivers to begin using the vehicle without delay. Need uncomplicated onboarding after verification of the driver’s license for car-sharing? Validation of the driver’s license and age for renting a vehicle? User-friendly platform solutions for identity checks and driver’s license validation for transport associations? Regular re-identification and renewed check for a valid driver’s license for company cars? Let IDnow take care of your business.

IDnow AutoIdent.

Automated AI‑based ID verification.

Financing & lease signing.

When buying or leasing vehicles, contracts are often signed by hand. Today, rather than obtaining a handwritten signature, IDnow eSign provides the benefit of added flexibility to digitally sign contracts with your customers online. We do this by creating a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), equally valid from a regulatory and legal perspective.

Better for your business.

  • Improved conversion rates.
  • High level of legal compliance.
  • Customizable mobile and web integration.
  • Secure storage of customer data.

Better for your customers.

  • Anytime and anywhere.
  • Verification in just a few minutes
  • No additional hardware.
  • Simple to use.

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