Compliance simplified. Player onboarding optimized. Fraud minimized.

Fight bonus abuse, safeguard against underage gambling and comply with local and global gambling regulations - without adding friction or impacting user experience.

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Online gaming on the rise.

The growth of the global gaming market shows no signs of slowing. However, with opportunity comes increased competition, and greater scrutiny from regulators.

Stay ahead of the player verification game, with IDnow’s user-friendly, speedy and secure KYC and AML solutions for the following use cases:

Player onboarding
Financial risk check
Deposit and withdrawal check
Age verification

Up the ante on trust with IDnow

Increase operational efficiencies, fight fraud losses and maximize revenue by leveraging IDnow’s advanced automated identity verification solution, including:
  • Worldwide document verification
  • Biometrics
  • Facial recognition & liveness
  • PEPs & Sanctions
  • Age verification

Use Cases

Player onboarding

Onboarding new players is a pivotal part of the online gaming experience. Verifying the identity of prospective players can be done with database checks (i.e. Credit Reference Agency data), document checks and/or biometric checks to safeguard your players and also yourself against suspicious or fraudulent activity.

With IDnow, you can guarantee compliance with global regulatory requirements and prevent fraud without compromising on customer conversions and importantly the player experience.

Financial risk check

Offering a responsible gaming experience has become a moral and business necessity, which is why conducting financial risk checks (formerly known as affordability checks) to understand the financial stability of players is so important. Carried out during player onboarding, or trigger-based monitoring (i.e. changes in player behavior), financial risk checks combine different data sets to provide a clear picture on how much players can afford to spend.

With IDnow’s robust financial risk checks, you can comply with current and upcoming gaming regulations (including proposed changes to the UK’s Gambling Act 2005), and avoid potential fines and fraudulent behavior, as well as any reputational damage.

Deposit and withdrawal check

Gaming operators need to verify documents, such as utility bills when players deposit or withdraw large sums of money to comply with AML regulations.

With IDnow’s database checks, fraud detection and AML monitoring solutions, you can protect players and stay compliant – enabling hassle-free withdrawals and deposits.


Gaming operators need to re-verify the identities of players whenever changes are made to account information, such as a change in address, or when an operator is required to periodically comply with AML regulations.

Re-verify your players with ease and stomp out any fraudulent activities the modern way – through IDnow’s sophisticated identity verification technology stack.

Age verification

Age verification is a crucial part of the gaming process. It helps to uphold local regulations, prevent risky and costly underage gambling activities, and protect vulnerable parts of the population from exploitation.

With IDnow’s fully automated identity services featuring biometrics, facial recognition, liveness as well as document checks, you can onboard more players and keep underage players out – without compromising the gaming experience.

Unlock safer gaming experiences with IDnow.

  • Boost conversion and completion rate.

    Offer a fully automated journey

    Verify 99% of potential players globally

    Cover wide document range (types of documents and origin)

  • Combat gaming fraud.

    Effectively fight illegal gaming schemes like bonus abuse

    Combat fraudulent activities such as money laundering

    Minimize financial losses

  • Stay on top of the regulatory game.

    Protect your players and ensure safe gaming experiences

    Prevent fraud, money laundering and other criminal activity

    Protect your reputation as a gaming operator

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