Expert-led identity verification.

Human expertise. High assurance. Inclusive and accessible.

Face-to-face video verification with expert assistance for seamless and secure identity verification. From flexible configurations to deep anti-fraud expertise, our solution ensures optimal KYC customization while maintaining a balance between security and accessibility.

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Expert assisted

Conversion rate ensuring excellent results.

3 min

Average time to go through the identity verification process.


Vetted identity and fraud experts at your disposal.


Our expertise helps companies navigate evolving risk.

Add additional layers of assurance and scale according to your risk appetite and regulatory requirements to achieve compliant, scalable and holistic identity verification.

How our expert-led identity verification solutions work

Revolutionize expert-led onboarding with global compliance and robust authentication.


Compliant onboarding

Comply with global regulations.

  • Account creation
  • Registrations and enrollment
  • Applications


Keep customers’ accounts and data safe.

  • Password reset
  • Change of details
  • Add/modify beneficiary
  • Add additional services

Our capabilities

Facial verification

Compare photo taken during account creation process with photo from identity document.

Liveness detection

With liveness detection, you can add an additional layer of assurance to detect and protect against a variety of presentation attacks.

Identify social engineering attempts

Our specially-trained experts ask specific questions to identify social engineering.

Inclusive, accessible experiences

Expert-assisted identity verification can help organizations improve inclusivity, accessibility, safety and convenience. Protect your most vulnerable customers and ensure they don’t miss out on the services they deserve.

Get to know your customers, face to face.

Leverage expert-led identity verification to intimately understand your customers, ensuring compliance with stringent requirements, fortifying security, fighting fraud and maximizing conversions for a safe and revenue-boosting customer experience with enhanced data privacy.

  • Achieve compliance
    Satisfy even the most stringent compliance requirements with ease.
  • Fight fraud
    Tackle fraud and build a safe and secure customer experience.
  • Maximize conversions
    Reduce drop-offs and boost revenue.
  • Decrease losses & cut costs
    Increase operational efficiencies with automation and customized workflows.
  • Enhance security & data privacy
    Optimize and align infosec processes with global requirements like GDPR.
Unlock the benefits of expert-led identity verification today across various industries.


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