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Streamline candidate onboarding. Achieve KYC compliance. Fight fraud.

Satisfy your Know Your Candidate challenges by building trust through simplifying your candidates' online onboarding. Protect your company against fraud risks thanks to remote, automated identity verification solutions.

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Offer your candidates fully automated onboarding.

IDnow’s automated identity verification solution has been optimized to meet KYC requirements without compromising on conversions or the customer experience.

Our automated and expert-led solutions reduce onboarding times, lower operational costs and spot and detect various types of fraud. IDnow helps you meet the challenges that are important to you and your customers, like optimizing the candidate’s experience while responding to the law on undeclared work. Increase your productivity, protect your candidates and your company, and fight document fraud remotely – anytime, anywhere.

Use cases

Secure remote onboarding

Conduct seamless data checks and document verification such as ID, residence permits, proof of address or driver’s license of your temporary workers by leveraging the latest in biometric and liveness technology. From initial contact to the signing of the employment contract, the process must be as secure and fluid as possible, especially when working remotely.

Our identity verification solutions transform friction-heavy, manual processes into smooth and compliant onboarding experiences for:

  • Account creation
  • Online enrollment
  • Applications

Digital signatures

Sign employment contracts remotely, quickly and more securely without the hassle or cost of paper-heavy processes impacting the recruitment experience. Our AES and QES signature solutions are more resistant to forgery compared to traditional signatures, allowing you to conclude contracts safely, all in an instant.

Optimize remote signing processes, such as:

  • Contract signing
  • Agreements

Reusable identities

Reusable digital identities equip customers with unprecedented data protection and control over their identities, solving the age-old conflict between security and usability, and significantly enhances the candidate experience especially in the temporary work industry. The user can store their diplomas and other supporting documents in a single, reliable location.



Get to know your candidate with IDnow.

  • Optimize user experience.

    Reduce friction for you and your candidates by offering seamless, fast and secure 24/7 online and remote verification through our fully-automated solution

    Customize your user journey by having the flexibility and adaptability our solutions provide

  • Fight fraud.

    Combat fraudulent activities, such as fake IDs, identity theft, synthetic identities, deepfakes and social engineering during onboarding

    Leverage industry-leading, AI-driven fraud prevention technology to include deep learning and biometrics meeting the needs for your risk level and customer requirements

  • Increase conversion.

    Improve accessibility and inclusivity making sure no one gets left behind thanks to our worldwide document coverage and expert-assisted verification

    Benefit from reduced drop-offs and abandonment with our fast, easy and secure user experience

  • Scale with confidence.

    Provide consumers with freedom of choice by offering automated and expert-led identity verification and document signing methods

    Optimize your customer journey to see instant results

    Benefit from a wide range of document coverage (types of documents and origin) with up to 99% acceptance rate globally

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