Identity verification platform

Meet all your KYC identity verification needs on IDnow’s highly flexible platform.

Get what your business needs on a single platform.

From automated, video-based identity verification to electronic signatures, IDnow provides future-proof, scalable solutions to match any organization size – from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational enterprises. In combination with our excellent add-ons and services, IDnow’s identity verification platform is the answer to your needs.

Platform benefits

Easy. Fast. Secure.

The IDnow Platform provides a verification service to onboard customers quickly and conveniently.

  • Very good conversion

    Delivers the highest conversion rates for respective use case scenarios, with smart routing options among different identity methods.

  • High legal compliance

    High level of legal compliance with requirements of many European and other countries.

  • High level of data protection

    All data centers, ident centers and ident specialists are located completely within the European Union to ensure a high level of data protection.

  • Easy integration

    Seamless integration into existing infrastructures with minimum complexity.

  • Truly global design

    Available in 30+ languages for documents of 195 countries for maximum coverage.

  • Complete platform

    Flexible operating models – select full-service or self-service solutions.

Flexibility is the key.

Integral part of the platform, regardless of product or client.

  • Integration

    Smooth and seamless integration into your IT landscape. Available either via IDnow mobile app, SDK, Web browser or PoS. Multiple sub-accounts (shortnames) per use case, as well as multi-client configuration, all with one single API.

  • Technology

    The IDnow technology is based on video streams, not static pictures. This means that security checks are performed on hundreds of images, rather than just a single static image. The result offers high security.

  • Reports & Data Management

    A comprehensive reporting portal for measuring and analyzing the identification process based on a defined set of KPIs. Track and steer the success of the products or services.

  • Fraud Prevention

    By combining modern AI technology with specialized ident and fraud experts, we ensure a high level of security.

Our Products


AI- and machine-learning-based identity verification for users. Our fast and AML-compliant solution – available anytime and anywhere.


Digital verification via video-chat, backed by AI-technology. Our AML-compliant solution meets high security requirements.


NFC-based solution for the electronic German identification card. Our identity verification solution with easy data scanning via smartphone. AML-compliant.

Our add-ons

Expand your verification.

eSign / Electronic signature

With IDnow eSign, signing contracts with your customers online has never been simpler. Traditionally-required handwritten signatures can be substituted with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), which is equally valid from a legal perspective. In just a few minutes, IDnow eSign enables contract conclusion without additional hardware.

Learn more about IDnow eSign

AML Screening and Monitoring

Our identity verification services now with AML screening and monitoring as a one-step solution for reducing onboarding complexity on your end. We are able to support you in optimizing your onboarding processes using the latest technologies in machine learning and information retrieval to acquire information faster and more effectively than the industry standard we are able to support you in optimizing your onboarding processes.

Read more about AML checks

Proof-of-Address Validation

Address verification is a process in which users are required to prove their place of residence. This also ensures that any address data is accurate and up-to-date. For the proof-of-address, the user first captures a picture of a valid document. The process is then manually reviewed by an ident specialist to compare the address provided during registration with the address featured on the document. Up to three documents can be captured in the same user flow.


All communication takes place via encrypted channels. Only high-security data centers located in the European Union are used to ensure a high level of data protection for our platform. This also includes our IT professionals and ident centers.

Our services.

Performed by humans, for humans.

Ident Centers

  • 15 ident centers with hundreds of ident verification and fraud prevention specialists
  • Extended service hours, 24-hour availability
  • Located in the European Union to ensure a high level of data protection
  • In-depth, regular inhouse training and quality management
  • The very latest information on fraud trends
  • Multiple languages based on customer requirements
  • Skilled, professional teams possessing in-depth industry expertise

Dedicated Client Success Teams

  • Close partnership with our clients to ensure smooth integration during the onboarding phase
  • Primary point of contact to resolve challenges and ensure business value
  • Ramp-up phase after onboarding to ensure return on investment and to improve conversion
  • Highly customer-focused, sector-based and fast-paced
  • Project management methodologies include Agile, Prince, PMP
  • ITIL-qualified staff for excellent service delivery

Customization & Implementation

  • Maintain a unified brand experience with customizable design and logo integration
  • Integration support
  • Light-touch integration to full integration
  • Automated workflow testing
  • Design reviews
  • Best practice recommendations

Support & Maintenance

  • ITIL Service Delivery model
  • Flexible in terms of business needs, multi-level support for any business demands, from basic to enterprise
  • Flexible pricing policies
  • Selectable Service Level Agreements in terms of response delivery and processing time


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