Automated identity verification.

Comply. Protect. Scale.

Your customers deserve seamless 24/7 online experiences. Our automated identity verification solutions enable you to grow and scale your business with confidence, without compromising on security or data privacy.

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Automated Identity Verification

Fast, real-time decisions.


Languages available in our services.


Worldwide identity documents verified per year.


Our expertise helps companies navigate evolving risk.

Add additional layers of assurance and scale according to your risk appetite and regulatory requirements to achieve compliant, scalable and holistic identity verification.

How our automated identity verification solutions work

Revolutionize automated onboarding with global compliance and robust authentication.


Compliant onboarding

Comply with regulations globally.

  • New account creation
  • Online enrollment
  • New application


Keep customers’ accounts and data safe.

  • Password reset
  • Change of details
  • Add/modify beneficiary
  • Add additional services

Our capabilities

Data checks

By cross-referencing information from diverse and trusted sources, including official databases and credible records, our automated identity verification solution can confirm in real-time the existence of a legitimate identity in an intuitive and frictionless way.

Document verification

We can validate more than 3,000 identity documents from 195 countries, consistently expanding our coverage list as our experts in document fraud employ advanced deep-learning models to prevent identity document fraud.

Biometric verification

Leverage the latest in facial recognition and liveness technologies for seamless biometric verification. We utilize liveness, selfies and video to confirm the existence of an identity and that the person is physically present during the verification process.

Electronic identification

Electronic identification (eID) via chip identity cards provides a secure and tamper-resistant way to access and verify identity information, reducing the risk of forgery or unauthorized alterations.

Additional manual checks

To comply with rigorous regulations like PVID, our identity experts perform additional manual reviews alongside automated identity checks for a powerful hybrid combination of human expertise and artificial intelligence.

Comply, protect and scale with confidence.

Effortlessly meet stringent compliance requirements, eliminate fraud, maximize conversions, reduce losses and enhance security to create a safe, efficient and revenue-boosting customer experience.

  • Achieve compliance
    Satisfy even the most stringent compliance requirements with ease.
  • Fight fraud
    Eliminate fraud and build a safe and secure customer experience.
  • Maximize conversions
    Reduce drop-offs and boost revenue.
  • Decrease losses & cut costs
    Increase operational efficiencies with automation and customized workflows.
  • Enhance security & data privacy
    Optimize and align infosec processes with global requirements like GDPR.
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