We empower pioneers.

At IDnow, pioneering is at our core, and we innovate for a reason – to make the connected world a safer place. Join us on our path toward a world where secured virtual selves may be safer and more trusted than identities in everyday life.
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About us

Our brand story

Back when less than 20% of the European population used mobile banking, when Apple had just launched its first iPhone with LTE, and years before rentable e-scooters became popular, we were thinking about how digital identities could simplify our lives…


Our corporate history

    • The founding years

      In the early 2010s, when the idea for a digital verification solution was first contemplated, there was no regulatory groundwork in existence. Since then, we have grown from a group of ambitious pioneers into a leading identity verification provider and are trusted by the top companies across a plethora of industries worldwide.

      • Start of the development of video identification for the German market (2012)
      • 1st 100% automated document control solution in SAAS mode (2012, former Ariadnext)
      • Launch of IDCheck.io in France (2013, former Ariadnext)
      • TÜV certification of “identity Kurier” (2013, Identity TM)
      • Official founding of IDnow GmbH in Germany (2014)
      • Launch of IDnow VideoIdent (2014)
    • Outgrowing the startup years

      Over the next few years, increased demand for digital verification saw our business expand into new markets and industries. With the AI-based product, AutoIdent, an easy and fast solution for customers, we were able to scale in line with growing demand.

      • IDnow eSign is approved (2016)
      • Mobile Connect and Me on France Connect (2017, former Ariadnext)
      • Opening in Spain (2017, former Ariadnext)
      • Launch of AI-powered IDnow AutoIdent (2018)
      • Opening in Romania (2018, former Ariadnext)
      • Opening in London (2019)
    • The extraordinary 20’s

      In an ever-changing world, where people everywhere need reliable, secure, and easy identity verification, we expanded our product portfolio into a full identity verification platform and empowered companies on their way to fully digital processes, enabling them to achieve significantly higher volumes of sign-ups.

      • Yris – Digital Identity launch (2020, former Ariadnext)
      • Certification for operation of identification solutions via remote work (2020)
      • IDnow acquires Identity Trust Management AG (2021)
      • IDnow acquires Ariadnext (2021)
      • Identity TM and Ariadnext merge into the brand of IDnow (2023)

our Vision & Mission

We’re innovators at heart so you can be ahead of the curve.

At IDnow, being attentive to what seems impossible today, but could be solved in the future, is at the heart of what we do and in the choices we make. We empower our customers to create ground-breaking digital experiences by offering robust, secure, and seamless solutions to protect against player fraud, identity theft or signature forgery.

We lead the way in digital identities because we provide future-oriented solutions that don’t compromise on speed, security or usability.

Our Mission

We believe identity is the foundation for trust.

For that, our dedicated R&D department deciphers tomorrow’s issues and carries out ambitious research projects on topics such as document analysis, biometrics, fraud and deep-fake detection or the fight against biases in artificial intelligence.

Our team, made up of specialized and highly qualified researchers and R&D engineers, is strongly connected with the scientific community, and participates in collaborative projects and international conferences to stay ahead of the latest developments in the field.

Learn more about our research projects here.


Our Mission

Our Vision

Making the connected world a safer place.

At IDnow, innovation means more than just creating something new or novel. We believe innovation is finding solutions to problems that don’t yet exist but are sure to impact our future. Making the connected world a safer place is and has been our vision from the very beginning.

Our Vision

our core values

The values that drive us.

At IDnow, we’re consciously cultivating our culture, living and celebrating our values in every action and at every interaction. Our values aren’t just feel-good statements, our people are determined to be true innovators, taking calculated risks, with a strong will to succeed, and to revolutionize the digital world.

  • Curiosity

    We discover, we ask, we challenge assumptions: It’s not enough to know what, it’s crucial to understand the why, in order to arrive at the best actions.
  • Excellence

    We believe excellence is more than a goal, it is a way of life and of doing things properly: We pursue the highest expectations to achieve the very best outcomes.
  • Accountability

    We each take responsibility for our actions, decisions and goals – a mindset that enables cross-functional collaboration and the best possible solutions for our customers.
  • Trust

    Trust is at the heart of what we do and is fundamental to our identity, it is defined by learning together and winning together.
  • Team spirit

    We celebrate an effective and trusting collaboration across the entire organization, based on good communication, honesty, mutual respect, and recognizing our diverse set of skills.

Equality & Inclusivity

We have a global workforce that embraces diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities. We celebrate diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment where people of every ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability and personality can be their true selves.

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Meet the management

  • Management
  • Board
  • Andreas Bodczek

    Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer

  • Armin Bauer

    Managing Director, Chief Technology and Security Officer & Co-Founder

  • Jamie Turner

    Senior Vice President People

  • Bertrand Bouteloup

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Johannes Meerloo

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Melanie Jungbluth

    General Counsel

  • Jean-Marc Guyot

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Vikas Seth

    Chief Product Officer

  • Felix Haas

    Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

  • Ludovic Denis

    Partner, Seventure Partners

  • Andreas Heubl

    Senior Investment Manager, BayBG

  • Marc Norlain

    Co-Founder Ariadnext

  • Edward P. Wertheim

    Managing Director, Corsair Capital

  • Raja Hadji-Touma

    Partner, Corsair Capital

  • Martin McCourt

    Operating Partner, Corsair Capital


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