Achieve compliance. Improve conversions. Reduce costs.

Comply with complex and ever-changing local and international crypto regulations. Reduce lengthy onboarding times, lower operational costs and fight fraud with our automated identity verification solutions.

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Crypto enters new era.

With upcoming crypto regulations like MiCA, on top of existing AML and KYC requirements, operators will soon be subjected to a level of accountability and transparency they have never experienced before.

Unlock new markets, stay compliant and prevent fraud, with IDnow’s user-friendly, speedy and secure KYC & AML solutions covering the following use cases:

Account opening
Crypto withdrawals and deposits
Compliance checks
Fraud prevention

Comprehensive, fully automated onboarding for crypto.

Conduct seamless data checks and document verification by leveraging the latest in biometric and liveness technology.

Our automated identity verification solution transforms friction-heavy, manual processes into exceptional and compliant onboarding experiences for:

  • Account creation
  • Online enrollment
  • Applications
  • Crypto transactions

Use Cases

Account opening

KYC is an integral stage in the customer journey as it ensures businesses and customers are protected from fraud and money laundering. However, the wrong KYC solution can impact user experience and conversion.  

Verify the identity of your crypto customers with IDnow’s automated identity verification solution, tailored to your specific requirements.  

Crypto withdrawals and deposits

Knowing the identity of your customers is important, especially when processing withdrawals and transactions. 

IDnow helps you gain assurance that blockchain transactions are only instructed by authorized individuals and entities, while reducing the risk of fraud. 


Compliance checks

Although MiCA only officially comes into effect in 2024, crypto firms are still required to comply with national AML and KYC regulations.  

With IDnow, we conduct ongoing identity verification checks to ensure compliance across multijurisdictional regulations, wherever you operate and wherever your customers are based. 

Fraud prevention

Our proprietary AI-powered fraud detection technology enables you to monitor user behavior, and flag risks in real time, thereby preventing account takeovers, identity theft, money laundering and other types of fraudulent behavior.

Unlock safer crypto experiences with IDnow.

  • Boost conversion and completion rate.

    Offer a fully automated journey

    See instant results through an identity verification solution that is able to verify 99% of crypto customers globally

    Comprehensive database checks

    Wide range of document coverage (types of documents and origin)

  • Combat crypto fraud.

    Fight illegal crypto schemes

    Combat fraudulent activities such as money laundering

    Industry-leading fraud prevention technology

  • Stay on top of the regulatory game.

    Strongest regulatory compliance in Europe

    Benefit from our partnerships with global  organizations, such as Interpol

    Protect your reputation as a crypto firm

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