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Eliminate the friction, cost and complexity of reverifying customers for contract signing, all while staying fully compliant with the most stringent regulations, with InstantSign from IDnow.

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  • 80%

    faster than existing eSign solutions

  • 20%

    increase in conversion rates

  • 100M+

    verified identities per year


Transform your customer experience: Sign and convert instantly.

InstantSign empowers businesses to innovate friction-heavy and lengthy signing processes – such as loan contracts sent via email which then need to be printed, signed and returned – providing a seamless digital experience for users, while helping to enhance operational efficiencies for businesses. 

How it works

AML compliance redefined: QES without reverification.

Revolutionize signatures

  • Any identity
  • Any verification method
  • 24/7

Stay compliant

  • Maintain up-to-date identification data
  • Continuous AML & GwG compliance

Unmatched flexibility

  • From fully automated, hybrid and video, to eID and in-person verification. The choice is yours.

What is InstantSign?

  • Know your customers. Sign in seconds.

    Experience the convenience of IDnow’s InstantSign, which eliminates the need for repetitive identity verification before issuing a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES). Unlike other signing solutions that require a new verification for each transaction, InstantSign allows businesses to leverage the AML-compliant identity verification already completed during onboarding. 

    This means your customers can digitally sign contracts seamlessly and effortlessly, with no additional integrations required, all while remaining fully compliant with eIDAS regulations. Simplify your signing process and enhance customer satisfaction with IDnow InstantSign. 

    Unmatched reverification flexibility.

    InstantSign works seamlessly with IDnow’s full portfolio of solutions, so if a reverification is required, then customers have the widest, most comprehensive solution set to choose from – from automated and hybrid, to video. This enables businesses to reduce the risk of non-compliance and fines by ensuring identification data is maintained and up-to-date in accordance with AML and GwG regulatory requirements.  

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    Discover the different types of digital signatures and how they can be used to unlock valuable business opportunities.

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    Expert guide to digital signatures

    Seamless eIDAS-compliant contract signing

    Embrace the future of secure and efficient contract signing with our eIDAS-compliant InstantSign. Since the eIDAS regulation (electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services) came into effect in July 2016, digital signatures have gained widespread acceptance across the EU, revolutionizing electronic transactions within the European Single Market. 

    eIDAS establishes stringent requirements for electronic identification and signatures, including Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), ensuring they hold the same legal validity as handwritten signatures. This regulation guarantees that when an individual signs a document with a QES, their identity is verified and secured. 

    With InstantSign, legally signing contracts digitally has never been easier or more secure. Join the digital revolution and streamline your contract signing process today.

    Revolutionize signatures, amplify conversions.

    • Maximize conversions

      Remove friction, reduce drop-offs and accelerate contract completion by eliminating reverification when issuing a QES.

    • Enhance efficiencies

      Boost operational efficiency by reducing the frequency of identity verification and cutting the time associated with physical contracts.

    • Cut costs

      Boost profitability by slashing the costs associated with physical contracts, which can cost up to €30 per document.

    • Streamline customer experience

      Reduce the frustration of repeated verification processes and deliver a seamless and convenient experience to your customers.

    • Ensure compliance

      Decrease the risk of non-compliance and fines by ensuring identification data is maintained and up-to-date with regulatory requirements.

    • Gain a competitive edge

      Differentiate from your competitors and demonstrate your commitment to security, compliance and customer experience.


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