IDnow Product FAQ

General FAQs about the identity verification services of IDnow.

How does identity verification work?

Identity verification ensures a natural and real existing person behind a process. As the primary outcome, it proves via different identity verification methods (standalone and automated or assisted by an Ident specialist) that the person is who he claims to be. Required by applicable law, it prevents a person from carrying out a process on someone else’s behalf without authorization and using fake identities to commit fraud (e.g. Money Laundering, Identity Theft).

What are IDnow’s greatest advantages?

Our solutions stand out due to three great advantages: a great user experience, modern technology and high level of flexibility. Thanks to the distinctive user-focused products, companies which establish IDnow in their digital onboarding profit from an improvement of the conversion rate in comparison to analogue identification processes. Furthermore, they can integrate the IDnow interface easily into their own website or native iOS/Android apps.

Is IDnow safe?

Yes. All communication at IDnow is done via encrypted channels. The data centers of IDnow are located in the European Union to ensure a high level of data protection. Your customer data is securely encrypted and stored on high-availability servers in Germany. Upon request, any data fields in the recorded IDs can be blackened out in order to act in accordance with the principle of data minimization. We will also gladly work with you in the framework of an order data processing agreement (ODPA).

What are the supported countries and languages at IDnow?

IDnow is available worldwide, supporting ID documents (passports, ID cards, Residency permits, and Driver’s licenses) in accordance with the common ICAO standard. At the moment, we cover documents in over 195 countries. Our software is also available in the following languages – English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

We consistently work on adding new languages. If you require additional languages, we can support you with your requests and could offer this as part of our software-as-a-service-model (SaaS).

What is Ident-ID in IDnow and where can users find it?

The IDnow Ident ID well is necessary for the successful verification of your identity. For online verification via IDnow, users receive the process ID (Ident ID) either via SMS or in the app.

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