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Identity secured. Fraud unmasked. Compliance achieved.

Meet local and global regulatory requirements and fight fraud without compromising on security or customer experience.

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Banking for a new generation.

Financial institutions need reliable identity verification services to meet the expectations of a new generation. Our seamless multichannel banking experience enables banks to navigate complex regulations and fraud risks, while reducing manual processes.

Safeguard your business and streamline operations with our KYC & AML solutions covering the following use cases:

Compliance checks
Fraud prevention
AML & PEP Sanction checks
Electronic signature
Payment processing

Elevate trust, empower experience.

IDnow’s eIDAS-certified identity verification solution has been optimized to meet the strictest security standards and KYC requirements without compromising on conversions or the customer experience.

Our automated and expert-led solutions reduce lengthy onboarding times, lower operational costs and protect against the risk of money laundering and fraud. IDnow helps you meet the challenges that are important to you and your customers, like complying with eIDAS 2.0  and conducting ongoing PEPs and Sanctions checks.

At Younited, we have always had the obsession of putting cutting-edge technology at the service of consumers to make their lives easier. To get there, we need our partners to share the same drive: IDnow is our preferred partner for Identity Proofing, thanks to their advanced solutions, we are now able to propose the fastest credit experience on the market across several countries. We especially value in this partnership the proactivity of IDnow teams to understand our needs and use cases and the flexibility of their platform to choose the settings that work best for us.

Christelle Callico | Head of Product | Younited

Use Cases

Compliance checks

Ensuring compliance with multijurisdictional regulations is no easy feat. Conduct ongoing identity verification checks to comply with regulatory requirements and monitor for suspicious activity.

Fraud prevention

Financial institutions are prime targets for fraudsters looking to steal sensitive information or launder money. These crimes can result in significant financial losses and reputational damage.

With IDnow’s proprietary fraud prevention technology, you can conduct identity verification checks to prevent fraudulent activity such as account takeover, identity theft and money laundering.

AML & PEP Sanction checks

Financial institutions face strict regulatory requirements and must comply with KYC and AML requirements to avoid financial losses, penalties and reputational damage.

Our scalable identity verification services feature advanced security features – giving financial institutions peace of mind and efficiency gains all around.

Electronic signature

In order for financial institutions to continue to expand, they need to embrace the tools that enable them to scale securely and compliantly.

With IDnow, you can replace handwritten signatures with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) to process business transactions such as loans, transactions, and signing and verifying contracts.

Payment processing

Our quick and secure automated identity verification service ensures payments are only made from and to authorized individuals and entities.

Enhance payment processing via our KYC checks to ensure compliance with industry regulations, detect fraudulent activities and improve customer onboarding.

Unlock safer banking experiences with IDnow.

  • Simple integration.

    Directly integrate data checks or document IDV as standalone including eKYC, PEP & Sanction Checks/Monitoring

    Benefit from a wide range of document coverage (types of documents and origin) with up to 99% acceptance rate globally

  • Combat FinCrime and fraud.

    Combat fraudulent activities such as money laundering, identity theft, account takeover fraud, card-not-present (CNP) fraud

    Leverage an industry-leading fraud prevention technology (serial fraud prevention via risk signals, document liveness)

    Detect suspicious activities via our ongoing monitoring services

  • Stay on top of the regulatory game.

    Benefit from the strongest regulatory compliance in Europe (eIDAS, ETSI, FIDO, GwG, PVID)

    Protect your reputation as a financial institution and adhere fully to AML/CTF laws

    Benefit from our partnerships with global organizations, such as Interpol

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