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IDnow eID.

IDnow eID is a new method enabling your users to identify themselves online.

The user simply needs a German Electronic ID Card – his smartphone with NFC interface (Near Field Communication) serves as a card-reader and transmits the data via an encrypted channel. IDnow eID offers a unique platform approach with a modern secure identification combined with superior conversion rates, leveraging IDnow VideoIdent as a fallback solution.

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eID is now available for early adopters that qualify for this product. Apply here if you would like to join the IDnow Early Adopter Program!

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Advantages for you.

  • High conversion rate, due to VideoIdent-Fallback.
  • Highest security standard & legal compliance.
  • Compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), Telecommunications Act (TCA), and EU’s eIDAS regulation.
  • State of the art NFC-based technology and fully automated process.
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Advantages for your customers.

  • Maximum user-friendliness: Easy and quick with no waiting times.
  • User to choose and switch between two identification methods on the IDnow platform: VideoIdent and eID.
  • Full control over the release of personal data by the user.
  • Encrypted data transmission.
  • Seamless verification via NFC function of your customers smartphone.

Maximum user-friendliness.

The user just enters his personal ID card PIN, holds the ID document against his smartphone, and the relevant data is transmitted in a secure encrypted form. IDnow eID can be used by anyone with an ID card who has activated the online ID functionality. The first ID card to be supported by IDnow eID is the Electronic German identity card.

Always a Plan B.

IDnow eID is integrated into IDnow VideoIdent and offers users an additional identification solution within the IDnow platform.

If for some reason, the verification does not work for your user, IDnow offers a Fallback Solution via VideoIdent to keep your conversion rates at an unmatched level.

IDnow eID Identity verification user journey.

IDnow eID 4

The User can choose between IDnow VideoIdent and eID.

The User enters his personal 6-Digits-PIN.

IDnow eID 5
IDnow eID 6

The User holds the eID card next to their NFC-enabled smartphone.

The relevant data is cross-checked with the user and transmitted in a secure encrypted form.

IDnow eID 7
IDnow eID 8

The Verification process is completed instantly.

Use cases.

IDnow eID is compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering and Telecommunications Acts as well as the European eIDAS regulation. It enables remote verification for many sectors like Finance, Insurance, and Telecommunications. Users are able to use IDnow eID seamlessly, from purchasing a Prepaid-SIM-Cards, to opening bank accounts and making deposits digitally, to verifying oneself in order to access insurance platforms.

Regulatory requirements.

IDnow eID is a solution that complies with the Anti-Money Laundering Act(AMLA), the Telecommunications Act (TCA), and the European eIDAS regulation. We meet all legal requirements for most European countries.


IDnow eID is integrated into IDnow VideoIdent and can be incorporated individually into your IT landscape.