In-person identity verification.

Extensive network of in-store identity verification sites. Premium POS solutions.

Offer your customers in-person identity verification at a public location, such as a gas station, near them. Or, perform Point of Sale (POS) identification processes on-site. Our solutions allow you to verify your customers in an instant, either at your store, or in thousands of public locations across Germany, reducing traditional identity verification to mere minutes.

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2 minutes

In-person verification in just a few minutes.

user experience
Multiple use cases

Suitable for use cases with high regulatory requirements (i.e. GwG, TKG).


Enjoy around the clock service in stores throughout Germany.


Our expertise helps companies navigate evolving risk.

Add additional layers of assurance and scale according to your risk appetite and regulatory requirements to achieve compliant, scalable and holistic identity verification.

How our in-person identity verification works

Enhanced security features via POS identity verification.


Compliant onboarding

Comply with global regulations.

  • Account creation
  • Registrations and enrollment
  • Applications


Keep customers’ accounts and data safe.

  • Password reset
  • Change of details
  • Add/modify beneficiary
  • Add additional services

Our capabilities

Document capture enhanced with eID/NFC

Cross-check the verification of identities by matching information in photo ID documents with submitted identity data via chip identity cards or NFC-readout.

In-person verification

State-of-the-art hardware combined with biometric verification ensures compliance with both the German Money Laundering Act (GwG) and the Telecommunications Act (TKG).

Self-service POS solution

Provide your customers with a premium high-touch, in-person identity verification experience that doesn’t compromise on the speed and convenience of a digital solution.

Inclusive, accessible experiences

On-site, in-store verification provides a barrier-free and more inclusive and accessible identity verification experience for all.

Enhanced security features via POS identity verification

In-person identification provides unparalleled assurance by combining physical biometrics with state-of-the-art hardware to ensure the highest level of security and trust in authentication processes.

  • Immediate verification
    No more lengthy in-branch identity checking processes.
  • Accessible anytime
    Benefit from best-in-class opening hours for our on-site verification services.
  • Modern and expanding
    Our extensive network of on-site verification points is expanding everyday.
  • Innovative technology
    Since 2015, our collaboration with Bundesdruckerei has ensured state-of-the-art identity identification hardware, featuring NFC-readout, German eID support and advanced visual document verification.
Transform your business with in-person identity verification.


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