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KYC in banking—preventing crime, while boosting conversions

Trust has always been a major obstacle for any business, and this hasn’t become easier with the increase of digital transactions. Companies need to know who they can safely do business with, especially those in the financial sector. Luckily, KYC is there to unmask customers and businesses alike.

But what exactly is KYC, why is it important, and what does it involve when it comes to banking? Simple. KYC is the process of verifying customers in order to prevent crime, while also boosting conversion rates. A three-step process is all it takes and IDnow is here to assist along the way. From CIP to CDD to continuous monitoring, our products such as AutoIdent can support your every need.

However, KYC isn’t just about unveiling the man behind the curtain. Rather, it provides companies the opportunity to improve their customer engagement, while enhancing trust in their organization. KYC isn’t a burden, but a tool for building a relationship that just gets better with time.



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