Prepare for the EURO 2021!

Comply with the new KYC regulation & maximize your player onboarding.

The UEFA Football Championship is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The global sports betting volume will increase massively.

On July 1st – right in the middle of the EURO games – a new German gambling regulation will come into force, standardizing online casinos and gambling. Operators must get ready to handle the regulation, the spike in demand and provide their players with the best possible experience.

IDnow is giving operators a priority and onboards in time for the EURO Championship.

Better for your business.
Better for your customers.

KYC is our native language. We have contributed to the technical and regulatory requirements since our inception. A secure player identity or age verification process makes the online gaming industry a safer place for everyone. With IDnow’s platform, this step is easy, fast and customizable.

Why IDnow

  • Prepare for the surge in onboarding demand of up to 450%
  • IDnow AutoIdent boosts conversion rate on average by 25%
  • IDnow will treat you with priority and onboard you in time for the EURO Championship

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