Financial Risk Check

Re-imagining affordability for UK gaming operators

Transform the way you assess affordability with one of the most comprehensive, automated data checks that extend past the standard geoaffordability and postcode indicators.

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Leverage data from:

  • 2.5m of the most financially vulnerable consumers in the UK

  • 500-750K financially stressed individuals reapplying for short-term high-cost loans each month

  • 90K new loan enquiries per month

Trusted by:

  • tipico
  • entain
  • betway
  • estralabet
  • unibet

Protect players, reduce friction & navigate compliance

Our Financial Risk Check solution leverages unique insights, such as data sets from short-term high-cost loans and the Vulnerability Register Service, to create a comprehensive assessment of the affordability risk of a player.

Combine our seamless, automated Financial Risk Check with our multi-dimensional identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for the ultimate 360 view of your players’ risk at onboarding.

How it works

Our Financial Risk Check solution goes beyond industry-standard affordability risk indicators, leveraging six distinct data sets, to enable a truly holistic assessment of a player’s affordability.

Why Financial Risk Checks for Gaming?

Gambling regulations 101: Europe and the UK.

Interested in expansion? Discover how gaming operators can keep pace with the ever-growing multi-jurisdictional landscape in Europe and beyond.

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Gambling regulations 101: Europe and the UK.

Overall Business Goals/Objectives:

  • Fight Fraud

    From Synthetic Identities to Deepfakes – balance consumer demands for security and privacy without adding friction to their journey

  • Scale and Grow with Confidence

    Decrease the cost of customer acquisition and scale into new markets with ease

  • Achieve Compliance

    From Anti-Money Laundering to Responsible Gambling – satisfy regulatory requirements across Europe and beyond

  • Reduce losses and cut costs

    Drive conversions and increase operational efficiencies with automation and orchestration

A Financial risk check solutions that fulfils your needs

Leading fraud prevention capabilities
Strongest regulatory compliance in Europe
Everything you need: KYC, database checks, PEP, sanction checks and monitoring