Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA)

What is The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA)? 

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) is a trade association that represents nearly all online gaming operators based in Gibraltar. 

The association represents its members on legal and regulatory matters while undertaking efforts to promote the iGaming industry and its significance to Gibraltar. In other words, the association gives the gambling industry a voice on all crucial issues to legislators, regulators, and key decision-makers worldwide. 

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association aims to offer regulators, governments, and policymakers a better understanding of Gibraltar-based online gambling and the significance of the industry to Gibraltar. That way, legislators and regulators may formulate policy in the best way possible to establish a highly competitive, transparent, and safe gambling market for consumers. 

The association supports a regulated environment where Gibraltar-based remote gaming operators can conduct their business in an open and transparent market. 

All of the association’s members are committed to the highest industry standards and responsible gambling to guarantee the safety of consumers while they play games and place bets online. 

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. The Gibraltar Gambling Commission was formed to oversee online casinos registered in the region and provide gambling licenses accordingly. Gibraltar began issuing licenses to online gambling sites in 1998.  

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association has been operating since January 2005, but it was integrated into corporate form in April 2013. 

What does the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) do? 

The association’s main objective is to issue the much coveted Gibraltar Gambling License to gambling operators and offer a better insight into the gambling industry to regulate and maintain player safety in all forms.  

Owing to the Gambling Act 2014 (Licensing and Advertising), the association holds the authority to request a judicial review from anyone involved on the grounds that it breaches EU legislation. The association also has close associate ties with the European Betting and Gambling Association (EGBA) while simultaneously being the first-ever national member of the EGBA. Ultimately, the primary goal of the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association is to facilitate better gambling regulation.  

The association also encourages sharing information related to data protection law to help prevent money laundering, fraud, underage gambling, terrorist funding, problem gambling, and other unlawful and harmful activity. 

Gibraltar also hosted the world’s first-ever Ethical Gambling Forum in May and plans to do the same in 2023. Aimed at those working in or supporting the industry, the event’s objective is to underline Gibraltar as a highly-regulated gaming jurisdiction, offering exposure to local and international talent. 

The association also set up and funded a new Gibraltar Gambling Care Foundation (GGCF) as a registered charitable organization in 2021. The privacy aims of GGCF include funding research into minimizing problem gambling, mitigating the impact of gambling disorders, and protecting at-risk consumers. 

Who are the members of The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA)? How to become a member? 

Gibraltar Betting and Gambling Association’s esteemed members include William Hill, 888 Holdings, Betfred, Entain, Lottoland, Gamesys, Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, Tombola, Pariplay, Casumo, and more.  

The association states that its members include some of the industry’s most respected online gambling companies. GBGA works with its members to create a world-class gambling industry by lending them a strong, unified voice.  

Those who become members of the association receive consistent communication about the gambling industry in Gibraltar. The association also offers members training opportunities and organizes work groups to brainstorm and solve ongoing issues in the industry. 

Gibraltar imposes relatively strict requirements for its licensing. The biggest one is that the licensing authority only considers companies with prior experience in gambling, good financial conditions, other licenses from reputable jurisdictions, and a viable business plan. Their other requirements include the following: 

  • Business practice must be exercised in Gibraltar 
  • Information regarding key personnel, including administrative managers, shareholders, and directors 
  • Gambling services and products must be compliant with Gibraltar’s supervisory model 

How does the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) work with other associations and regulators? 

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association partners with various reputable associations and regulators, such as the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), to provide value and benefit to the industry and online gamblers. 

Some of  GBGA’s various partnerships include Occupational Health Servies (OHS), the University of Gibraltar, SBC, the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming (CERG), and the European Gaming and Betting Association. 

What impact does the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) have on the gambling landscape (regulators, sportsbooks, etc.) in Europe? 

As mentioned, Gibraltar has been issuing gambling licenses since 1998, a process now handled by the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), assigned by the Gambling Commissioner in 2005. 

All Gibraltar-based gambling operations require licensing under the Gibraltar Gambling Act 2005. 

For over ten years, Gibraltar has long been a central hub for online gambling and oversees 60% of all international online gambling. At this point, it is the most prominent and prolific center for gaming governance worldwide.  

In terms of taxation, the association has a low tax requirement for remote license holders of merely 0.15%, attracting many UK sportsbooks. The land-based companies based in Gibraltar also subdue to a favorable 10% corporate tax.

Staying compliant with UK and European gaming operations

With millions across the EU and the UK tuning in, online gambling is subject to constant evolution. The landscape of gambling and its laws is constantly evolving in response to the ever-growing use of digital media. 

To remain compliant with UK and European gaming operations, operators must be wary of the essential rules. Compliance with relevant laws is crucial while ensuring legal practices and gambler safety.  

Overview on Online Gambling Regulations in the EU & UK

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