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European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA)

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is a trade association based in Brussels that represents the leading betting online gaming operators regulated, licensed, and based in Europe. Such betting operators include Betsson Group, Bet365, Kindred Group, William Hill, and Entain.

Established in 2017, EGBA replaced its successor, i.e., EBA (European Betting Association) of 2003. The trade association has been set up by eight leading online gaming operators in Europe, namely, Carmen Media Group, Expekt Sportwtten, Digibet, Bwin, Bet-at-home, and Interwetten Gaming Limited.

The association promotes a sustainable online gaming sector for customers to enjoy safe and fun online gambling. EGBA members have developed and abide by rigorous industry standards to complement the strict licensing requirements in the European nations where they run their operations.

EGBA also considers the reality of the digital environment and consumer demand. EGBA guarantees that gambling promotions are worthwhile enough to attract a large consumer base while focusing on regulations.

EGBA’s affiliated companies currently have 145 gambling licenses throughout 17 European nations and above 16 million European clients.

In December 2021, the association appointed the City of University London to release a status update on online gaming consumer safety regulations in EU member states.

EGBA also held webinars as a part of its European Safer Gambling week and is set to promote them during SID (Safe Internet Day).

What does the European Gaming and Betting Association do?

As mentioned, EGBA seeks to create a uniform and well-regulated online gaming industry for European operators to provide services throughout the continent.

The objective is synonymous with the European Union philosophy and deals with European nations that impose bans on online gambling. EGBA takes legal recourse against governments that are against legalizing online gambling.

European Safer Gambling Week

EGBA also organizes a European Safer Gambling Week annually to raise awareness and promote knowledge about safe online gaming. The annual event sheds light on how operators’ social accountability measures and regulations can interact to support safe gambling and better consumer protection, particularly for minors and at-risk groups.

This year’s “Safer Gambling Week” event took place between 17-23 October this autumn, coordinated with various national alliances and events in Europe.

Sustainability Report

Every year, the EGBA issues a Sustainability Report describing the progress and collective efforts made by its affiliated companies to foster safer online gambling, protect players, and positively contribute to the European Union. Said report seeks to promote transparency and accountability while reinforcing a more resilient culture of safe online gambling in Europe’s gaming sector.

This year’s report included data elements regarding the use of safe gambling tools, consumer complaints, the furtherance of safer gambling, European sport and research contributions, employment, training, and education. The report also features a section for sustainability initiatives of EGBA members and safer gambling.

Code of Conduct for responsible advertising

EGBA has drafted a new code of conduct for responsible advertising and has recently begun monitoring it. The code consists of responsible advertising measures the affiliated companies must abide by, including efforts related to social media advertisement and the safety of minors.

A safe online gambling environment also entails using consumer data responsibly. EGBA aims to encourage the industry to execute the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation to a high standard.

On 6th of March 2023 the EGBA released its first pan-European Anti-Money laundering guidelines to support the online gambling industry’s contribution to the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing in Europe.

EGBA’s official guidelines regarding terrorist financing and combating the financing of such criminal activity include recognizing the importance of AML laws in the European economy, requesting increased involvement from the European Commission in encouraging member states to establish sector-specific guidance on AML in the iGaming sector, and highlighting the commitment of Europe’s iGaming sector to curb money laundering, among other stipulations.  

These guidelines contain anti-money laundering obligations operators have agreed to comply with and pledged to implement in their organization, in addition to sector-related clarifications. 

How does the work of the EGBA affect the European Gambling sector?

EGBA is a non-profit organization that works alongside EU and national regulatory authorities. The association also partners with other stakeholders, working toward a channeled, sustainable, and well-regulated gaming market, providing a significant level of consumer protection.

EGBA members are required to meet the strictest regulatory standards, and in 2020, they held 234 licenses to offer their services to 29 million customers throughout 19 European nations. Presently, EGBA affiliates make up 36% of Europe’s online gaming GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue).

How to become a member of the EGBA?

EGBA has a set of rules that all EU gambling operators must follow to be able to join the association. EGBA membership is open to online gambling companies established in the EU or the EEA. The EGBA board approves all applications for membership. Note that the EGBA’s ability to curb gambling operations from laundering money is one of its prominent features. Therefore, gambling operators must promote responsible gambling to become affiliated with the organization.

Below are the requirements set forth by EGBA:

  • Casinos must commit to responsible gaming and promote self-exclusion schemes for users.
  • A reputable third-party agency must regularly audit such operators to ensure and maintain transparency.
  • They must provide round-the-clock customer service to consumers.
  • They must allow gamblers to set limits based on their budgets.

Why adherence to online gambling regulations is essential

Online gambling has steadily gained traction over the past years, amassing millions of players across the EU and UK. At this point, online gambling in Europe is a massive business. The gambling regulation landscape has also been constantly evolving, frequently changing based on the growing use of digital media and various technologies.

Operators must know the most important guidelines and rules to comply with European and UK gambling regulations properly. As mentioned, as far as running a gambling operation is involved, adherence to relevant regulations is essential. Ensuring customers’ interests are protected and upholding legal practices are equally important.

Online Gambling regulations – Europe

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