European Casino Association (ECA)

What is the European Casino Association?

Formerly known as the European Casino Forum, the European Casino Association (ECA) is a non-profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium. The organization was established in the 90s and has steadily evolved. Today, it comprises members from nearly all European Union States and non-EU nations. The organization represents national associations and operators of licensed casinos in Europe. Until now, the European Casino Association speaks for the interests of roughly 900 casinos with over 70,000 employees in 26 countries throughout Europe. The European Casino Association comprises 28 members made up of individual casino operators and European casino associations.

The primary purpose of the European Casino Association is to draw attention to and promote issues regarding casinos and their operations. While doing that, the association aims to zero in on casino issues for operators, the European Union, stakeholders, and national policymakers. In doing so, the European Casino Association seeks to function as a network for providing information, i.e., information that can be utilized to interact and work with the European Union institutions on any matter related to casino operations and activity.

What does the European Casino Association do?

In summary, the European Casino Association primarily seeks to:

  • Raise awareness and knowledge about the casino industry among European Union stakeholders and policymakers.
  • Gather and provide information concerning casino operations and administration, including evaluating European and domestic regulations regarding casino operations.
  • Help contribute to European Union decision-making on issues impacting the casino industry.

The European Casino Association serves members by shedding a positive light on the land-based casino industry. It also seeks to create a dialogue with the European institutions and other stakeholders in Brussels and other regions.

The association’s members gain exclusive access to all activities and events and gather for a General Assembly two times annually.

ECA members strictly follow the association’s Code of Conduct, which consists of some of the following values regarding promoting Europe’s casinos:

  • They offer licensed, safe, and responsible gaming services while fostering a dynamic and practical approach to mitigate the threat of problem or illegal gambling among vulnerable groups and underage gamblers.
  • They execute efficient anti-money laundering measures and impose preventative methods against fraudulent or criminal activities.
  • They ensure that they develop their industry-specific knowledge in technology, economics, and human resource management to maintain their expertise in the field.
  • They require stringent compliance from their members regarding all relevant laws, regulations, and policies. They also expect awareness of new law developments to ensure integrity.
  • They proceed with social awareness and strive to channel gambling demands by endorsing high ethical standards.
  • They consider customer privacy crucial and assume a responsible and discreet approach to storing and processing private information built on the highest data safety standards.
  • They commit themselves to responsible advertising to promote their services to end-users appropriately and honestly.

Moreover, considering the popularity of online gambling, the association also presents guidelines for the prospective future of online gambling in Europe.

A significant part of the European Casino Association’s success is due to the events it organizes throughout the year, keenly attended by partners and members. Over time, the association’s events have garnered prestige by becoming networking opportunities, social moments, and best practices exchanges in Europe’s most aesthetically pleasing casinos.

The association’s industry-leading events, such as the European Dealer Championship, the European Casino Forum, and the International Casino Conference, offer unique opportunities for those attending.

Its Industry Forum and General Assembly Events see sector stakeholders and leaders gathering to meet, debate, and discuss primary issues impacting the licensed land-based and online gambling sector across Europe.

The last events occurred from September 27 to 30 in Vienna, Austria. The event was host to over 60 guests, which marked the return of the Industry Forum event after a two-year absence due to the pandemic. Yield Sec CEO and founder Ismail Vali, among other esteemed speakers, delivered insights on betting, gaming, and lottery while touching on the fight against criminal operations in gambling.

How does the European Casino Association work with other associations and regulators?

The ECA’s initiatives support its members in adapting to the change in various areas, i.e., from gender diversity to taking action against climate change to protecting minors from gambling. The association’s initiatives include:

  • UN Global Compact: The ECA has been committed to the UN Global Compact responsibility initiative and its principles in labor, human rights, anti-corruption, etc., since 2015.
  • Alliance Against Illegal Gambling: The AAIG was launched by the ECA in partnership with the European Lotteries and the World Tote Association. The initiative aims to promote safe gambling and fight illegal gambling.
  • DICE Europe: With DICE Europe, the European Casino Association seeks to promote gender inclusivity and diversity. This also includes offering a scholarship to attend the Executive Development Program sponsored by Clairon and Agem.
  • Responsible Gambling Standard: ECA members have established an association and industry-focused approach to responsible gambling developed on a Europe-wide exchange of information and best practices.

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