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What is Driver License Verification in Shared Mobility?

Driver Licence Verification (DL checks) and the validation of the driver’s license for renting a vehicle enable mobility operators to block fraudsters out and ensure that only people who are certified by the government to drive end up behind the wheel. 


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Validate a user’s age via a driving licence is a standard KYC procedure in Shared Mobility.

Why do drivers in the shared mobility business need to be validated? 

Through adequate automated ID verification, mobility operators make sure that every driver is genuinely certified by the relevant government authority. This helps to reduce the risk of fraud like Fake ID Fraud and eliminates the likelihood of breaking the bank to offset substantial financial liabilities.

Automated Driver’s License Verification can help to prevent or trace:

  1. Real Drivers with Fake IDs 
  1. Fake/Unprofessional Drivers with Fake IDs 
  1. Fraudsters with Real IDs  
  1. Real drivers with Real IDs who have gone rogue 

Where Driver’s License Verification comes in handy:

Age verification 

Safety comes first in the Shared Mobility sector! Underage drivers with fake licenses will not be enabled to pass through the system. A user’s age can be automatically validated via the driver’s permit. 

Screen Out False Licenses

AI-powered IDV solutions extract basic security information out of the Driving License and cross-check it against the government database. If the system discovers a mismatch in data, it’ll react promptly. 

Special License Confirmation

Specific licenses can be validated via the proofing of Driver Licenses to check if the driver/rider meets the requirements for a particular service (e.g. on behalf of a company). 

Driver Identification

At its core, AI-driven identity verification solutions are designed to check and verify the most essential thing about the driver/rider. If an unforeseen event pops up, the aggregated information can be used to trace the driver. 

Automated Identity Verification in Shared Mobility

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How does automated Driver’s License verification (DL checks) work

AI-powered solutions like IDnow AutoIdent are built to do one thing: 

Run identity verification tests for Drivers’ permits (or licenses) accurately and in real-time.  

Within a short amount of time, drivers signing up to offer rides on your platform will be onboarded and ready to hop on the road. 

How the Driver verification with AutoIdent works:

Step 1: Integrate 
Get IDnow AutoIdent integrated with your mobility-as-a-service platform. AutoIdent can efficiently function on mobile apps and websites. 

Step 2: Sign Up 

User/Driver signs up to use your service with just a Driver’s License and a smartphone. 

Step 3: Take a Selfie 
Driver takes a selfie and a picture of the Driver’s License. 

Step 4: Security Data Extraction  
AutoIdent AI capabilities verify the authenticity of the Driver’s License by cross-referencing the security and personal information with the relevant government database. 

AutoIdent can extract security data in the License through Hologram Verification or NFC Verification Technology. 

The benefits of automated Driver’s License verification in Shared Mobility 

The benefits of leveraging IDnow AutoIdent to validate Driver Licenses are easy to relate with and understand. They are benefits that can directly impact the operation of your mobility-as-a-service company. Here is why:

Bolster security and strengthen regulatory compliance.
IDnow AutoIdent is fully compliant with all of the EU’s requirements on ID verification. AutoIdent will help you beef up security to make it more challenging for fraudulent drivers to access your system. 

Automation, efficiency and accuracy.
AutoIdent completes driver’s permit (license) validation in real-time. The process leaves no margin for error and is 100% accurate in extracting the relevant data. 

Highly convenient.
AutoIdent is powered by state-of-the-art AI and can handle many requests simultaneously. Drivers signing up to use your service can complete the entire verification process without needing to interact with anyone else.  

Speedy driver onboarding and sky-high conversion rates
AutoIdent answers all the identity questions you need to ask new drivers in the shortest possible time. Verified drivers on your platform are immediately onboarded, giving you the freedom to add as many new drivers as your system can handle. 

All the important FAQ
about Driver Licence Verification

How accurate is the information verified by AutoIdent? 

AutoIdent is highly-efficient at data extraction through Hologram Verification or NFC-enabled Verification. Once extracted, AutoIdent digs into its database to cross-reference the data with the relevant country’s requirements. If the license fails the requirements, it gets declined.

Does AutoIdent verify all kinds of Driver’s Licenses? 

Yes. AutoIdent can validate the security features on Driver’s Licenses from 50+ countries around the globe.  

Can AutoIdent work for my own kind of service? 

AutoIdent is capable of serving all facets of shared mobility. It does not matter if it’s a car-sharing, car-hailing or micro-mobility service; IDnow AutoIdent has you covered. 

What do drivers need in the ID verification process? 

A driver’s license (or permit) and a smartphone. No need for complex tools. The instructions are simple and straightforward, so there’s minimal chance of error. IDnow’s support will remain available 24/7 to help drivers signing up to work through your company. 

On which channels can the AutoIdent solution be integrated? 

We have 3 different integration channels. AutoIdent can be in a (mobile) web flow, via SDK in a native app or the verification can be processed via the IDnow AutoIdent App. 

Which countries are being supported when it comes to driver’s license verification? 

IDnow AutoIdent is able to cover driver’s licenses from more than 50 countries. We cover all EU countries plus US, Canada and Australia. Additional documents can be added on request. Both card- and paper-based documents are supported. Paper-based documents are verified manually by an agent (no waiting time for the end customer during the identification process)

How does the commercial model look like? 

Our commercial model basically consists of a one-time setup fee depending on the scope of the solution you intend to use, a unit fee for each ident transaction (we only charge you if the identification process has been fully completed and an identification result has been created) and a monthly fee for the usage of the platform. Talk to your sales manager to go into details.  

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Driver Licence Verification

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