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Driver's License Verification in Car Fleet Management

Fleet operators are required by law to regularly check the validity of their drivers’ licenses. Fully automated processes for driver’s license checks (AI-based mobile app) have a clear advantage over manual or electronic systems.

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Regelmäßige Führerscheinkontrolle im Flottenmanagement ist laut § 21 StVG gesetzlich vorgeschrieben.

The legal basis of driver’s license verification in car fleet management:

Part of the common EU law in many countries including the UK, stipulates the employer’s obligation to ensure that its employees have a valid driver’s license, i.e. to carry out regular driver’s license checks (recommended: every 6 months) on the entire vehicle fleet, including company cars and pool vehicles.

Consequences of non-compliance with the EU and UK Road Traffic Act.

If a driver carries out a journey without a driver’s license for the vehicle in question, this can be a criminal offense depending on the country. This circumstance also applies to/for

  • a temporary revocation of the driver’s license.
  • foreign driver’s licenses that have not yet been reissued.
  • Owner of the vehicle who is aware of the driver’s lack of driver’s license.

In addition:

If a company vehicle is given to an employee without a driver’s license, there is a risk of loss or restriction of insurance coverage.

Management can be held liable in the sense of organizational fault if an unsafe system is used to check driver’s licenses.

woman looking at her phone standing next to a white car with a sign that says verification completed

Automated driver’s license verification vs. reader process.

Compared to an automatic solution, manual or electronic systems with fixed reading stations are

  • unprofitable
  • inflexible
  • time consuming

With a fully automated system, the driver himself performs the driver’s license check anytime and anywhere via a mobile application, which significantly reduces the workload of the fleet manager compared to other methods.

The advantages of automated driver’s license verification.

Anywhere, anytime.
Drivers in a fleet can go through automated driver’s license checks at any time and from anywhere.

A high level of user-friendliness makes it possible to complete verification in just a few minutes so that drivers can get on the road immediately.

Fast availability.
After a successful driver’s license check, fleet operators usually get immediate access to the verification data and important deadlines can be met.

Companies and fleet operators benefit from higher completion rates, especially with AI-driven and automated solutions, compared to conventional processes using readers.

Compliant with regulations.
Verification of drivers as part of KYC processes are usually modular and can therefore be complemented by various security checks and add-ons (e.g. QES) for additional security and regulatory compliance.

The automated driver’s license check with IDnow.

The IDnow app AutoIdent is easily installed on the smartphone and used by drivers. For drivers of a fleet or company car, this makes the often cumbersome and time-consuming registration on a reader device a thing of the past.

AutoIdent can initially be integrated into an existing fleet solution as a web and mobile solution using the SDK as a white-label solution or as a native app from IDnow.

IDnow’s solution is intuitive and robust, reliably detects incorrect entries and quickly guides the user to successful completion of the driver’s license check.

How driver verification with AutoIdent works.

Step 1: Integrate
Integrate IDnow AutoIdent into your mobility-as-a-service platform. AutoIdent can be efficiently deployed on mobile apps and websites.

Step 2: Login
The user/driver logs in with their driver’s license and a smartphone to use your service.

Step 3: Take a selfie
The driver takes a selfie and a picture of their driver’s license.

Step 4: Extract safety data.
AutoIdent’s AI capabilities verify the authenticity of the driver’s license by matching the security and personal information with the relevant government database.

AutoIdent can extract security data in the driver’s license through hologram verification or NFC verification technology.

All FAQs about digital driver’s license verification in the fleet.

Is driver’s license control via RFID chip possible?

Driver’s license checks with RFID are possible. If the driver has an ID document with an RFID chip as well as an NFC-enabled smartphone, the IDnow app recognizes the RFID chip, reads the data stored on the chip as well as biometric information, and compares the information read from the chip with a video selfie as well as a liveness check. This enables an even smoother and faster verification process for drivers.

Is the electronic driver’s license check compliant with data protection?

It depends on many details whether a procedure for checking driver’s licenses in the company is compliant with data protection. Companies should ensure that they identify and take into account those requirements that arise with regard to data protection even before introducing a new system. It is advisable for management to proactively provide the works council with detailed information on data protection measures in order to always be on the safe side legally. IDnow’s solutions are GDPR-compliant.  

What is a pool vehicle and how is driver’s license verification regulated here?

Pool vehicles are a frequently used solution to offer each employee a mobility solution for business purposes. These are vehicles that can be used by several people. The employer is legally obligated to check the driver’s license, instruct the driver and inspect the vehicle.

What exactly is KYC identity verification?

The process of KYC identity verification is carried out by companies or via contracted third-party providers. The aim is to verify the identity of customers in order to assess their legitimacy and credibility while complying with the regulatory requirements of the respective country.

What does a digital KYC process look like?

A digital KYC process is fast, easy and secure. It allows you to identify yourself from anywhere and at any time, i.e. it enables a convenient onboarding process without compromising security.

At the heart of any KYC process is the verification of the customer’s identity. IDnow offers various methods for verifying identity as part of the KYC process. These range from video chat-based to selfie-based to NFC-based solutions.

How often/frequently must the driver’s license be checked by the employer or fleet operator?

There is a legal obligation for owners of company vehicles to regularly check that their drivers are in possession of a valid driver’s license. This applies to all drivers using the fleet and a part of fleet management. Although the frequency of driver’s license checks is not regulated by law, a six-month check cycle has become established in current case law and practice. 

Automated Driver’s License Check

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