Hardly any other industry is currently undergoing such a transformation as the mobility sector. The future of mobility is not merely the subject of lively debate in the media. Technological developments and the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable transport alternatives are driving the enormous changes in the mobility industry and are creating new business models.


In the mobility of the future, the focus is on user-friendliness and rapid availability.
Especially the young, technophile generation wants all services to be easily reachable and mobile-optimized via smartphone – without having to wait. Real-time identity verification meets these expectations while fully complying with KYC requirements.

IDnow AutoIdent helps to design the user experience for the Now Economy – completely digital and automated.

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The Mobility sector is an industry in transformation. Learn how AI-based identity verification helps to shape the Future of Mobility.

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Use Cases.

  • Car Sharing: Uncomplicated onboarding after verification of the driver’s license.
  • Car Rental: Validation of driving license, age verification (for certain types of vehicles).
  • Transport associations: Identity check and driving license validation for user-friendly platform solutions.
  • Micro mobility & urban mobility: Fast and easy user onboarding and confirmation of the valid driving license.
  • Company cars and fleet management: Regular re-identification and renewed check for a valid driving license for company cars in accordance with the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO).