What are your KYC and Identity Verification needs?

Does your industry require you to be competitive or impose regulatory constraints?
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Improve the way you engage with your users.

Fraud, compliance, user experience: companies we work with face at least one of these issues, do any of these ring a bell?
You may be looking for an identity verification solution.

Checking the identity or verifying the documents of a new user is a legal requirement for many industries, and is known as the
Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Why automate document and identity verification?

Whether you want to digitalise your customer journey or simply meet regulatory requirements, integrating a KYC process is particularly effective in both B2B and B2C.

Automated ID verification benefits.

Verifying identity and combating fraud.

Ensure the authenticity of documents and consistency with the holder.

Onboard new users with complete peace of mind.

To comply with regulations.

Comply with AML/CFT, eIDAS regulations, and prevent identity theft or tax fraud.

Make sure you are compliant and secure your business.

Delivering a differentiating customer experience.

Offer a complete buying journey, while reducing validation times.

Distance yourself from the competition!

Accelerate customer conversions.

Facilitate the engagement of new users, by integrating them into an onboarding process.

Make it easier to turn prospects into customers.

Optimize your back office.

Automate the process of collecting and verifying critical documents.

Make information more reliable and improve processing times.

Checking eligibility.

Check that a user meets your criteria (age, location etc)

Add your offer to the right profiles.

Fraud Detection: How Anti-spoofing facial recognition works

KYC & customer journey.

Since 2016, more than half of all internet usage has been on mobile. Meeting customers’ needs 24/7 has become both a necessity and a challenge.

By integrating an eKYC process into your remote relationship, you can secure your transactions and guarantee faster customer onboarding and conversions.

Understanding the KYC process.

IDnow is the leading automated identity verification solution on the European market.
It instantly provides the necessary confidence to enter into a customer relationship and to fight against document fraud and money laundering while offering an optimised user experience.

In this context of digital transformation, it is now important to know the customer at a distance. This approach is part of a KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

Understand KYC & IDV

What is KYC (Know Your Customer)?

KYC is the name given to the process of verifying a customer’s identity. This term, which is becoming a common expression, originated in the banking sector. Indeed, financial institutions must always be able to identify their customers when opening a new account. In order to comply strictly with national and international regulations.

Developments in the KYC process

The digitalisation of the financial sector and the emergence of new players such as fintechs, collaborative platforms, online transport and gaming (…) have raised two new requirements in KYC processes:

Enable remote verification of identity documents, as the majority of new market players are developing their business online and need to conduct the KYC process remotely.
Automate the process in order to maintain a high rate of online processing. In an age where the customer wants fast and smooth services, it is essential to integrate identity verification into an optimised digital experience.
Automatic and remote verification of identity documents is therefore becoming a key element for all those organisations newly faced with the KYC challenge. And is the solution to meet these challenges.

Your needs for documents verification

Protection against fraud

Achieve a high level of security by verifying identity documents and their holders. Fight document fraud and avoid identity theft.

Regulatory compliance

Meet the various regulatory requirements of your sector. Be KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliant.

Customer Onboarding

Improve the remote onboarding process for your customers and deliver a pleasant, multi-channel experience.

Document Control

Optimise your processes and customer experience by providing an automated and instantaneous response to your users.

KYC by IDnow

IDnow delivers a fully automated experience when checking identity documents. Based on advanced developments in image processing, artificial intelligence and deep learning, our services enable companies to verify the security features of identity documents.

With our ID&V services, companies can quickly and easily meet online KYC requirements without investing in specific developments for their customers’ journey.

Our document verification and identity control services are available in standalone mode, to meet the specific needs of companies that wish to build their own application.

Enhanced identity control solutions

In order to strengthen remote identity checks and offer a complete KYC response, we offer enhanced identity verifications with facial recognition and liveness detection services.

Our facial recognition service enables Identity Verification by checking the image on the ID document and a selfie taken by the user during the account creation process.

To add an extra level of reliability, we have developed a liveness detection service. This means that our services ask the user to make various movements (smiling, talking and head movements) to verify that a real person is behind the screen.

In this way, we deploy a secure service that detects identity theft attempts. Our motion detection can, for example, detect whether the user is wearing a mask during the check.

These new technologies offer robust protection against fraud while providing a pleasant customer experience.

In this way, IDnow certifies that the person who wants to register is who they say they are. And with the regulatory requirements (eIDAS, AML etc.), our services play a key role in the digital transformation of Fintech companies and financial organisations and in the adaptation of KYC processes.


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