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Efficient Customer Onboarding process

Accelerate and secure your conversions by integrating a KYC approach into your customer journey.

Improve the process of entering into a remote relationship with your customers

Users have increasingly high expectations of digital technology. Real-time results, simple and intuitive use are among the criteria on which they base their decisions.
It is therefore important to offer solutions that improve the customer’s digital experience. All this while offering the highest level of security in response to these new challenges.

Customer onboarding is an approach by which the company supports a new customer in creating an account or using a service. Indeed, the objective is to mark the beginning of the relationship and to help the customer in the use of the service.

Onboarding processes are generally present in the field of IT services and technological products. They are particularly important in the context where the identity of customers must be verified.
Indeed, identity verification, especially in remote situation, plays an important role. First, it is necessary to verify that the person opening an account is who they claim to be. And not an identity thief or a fraudster. Then, this step must be fast, secure, and seamless for the user.

With our solutions, we offer a fully automated identity verification. In that way, we improve customer onboarding processes, secure auto enrolment, and provide a better digital experience.

Customer Onboarding: a step not to be neglected

A digital transformation to accompany changes in purchasing behaviour

Customer onboarding is no longer just an enrolment step for financial institutions: according to Multi-Channel Merchant, 75% of organisations that sell their products directly to consumers could provide online subscription offers.

Engage faster to increase conversion rates

Digitalising the customer journey can indeed enable you to maintain or even gain a competitive advantage.
Provided you respond effectively to needs and expectations:

  • 64% of customers want to contract with companies that can respond to their needs in real time.
  • 56% of users are willing to exchange personal information in exchange for faster and more convenient services.

Like all businesses, you want new customers, but are you ready to welcome them effectively?

What do your users want?

What we offer

  • Efficiency

    Customers want to access the requested service through a simple, fast and fluid path.

  • Instantaneity

    Through this digitalisation, users expect immediate answers to their queries.

  • Flexibility

    Each customer expects a journey adapted to their use, whatever the device used: web or mobile.

Stay competitive with an excellent customer onboarding process

In an increasingly digital market, many players are looking to offer their customers the best possible digital experience. Especially during the customer onboarding process. Banks, fintechs, telecom operators and governmental organisations are the first to be concerned.

To cope with the increased competition from new entrants, the online account creation processes must be as simple, fast and smooth as possible for the user. Firstly, the number of steps should be reduced, and only the necessary information should be requested. Secondly, responses should be in real time. These elements are essential to provide a good onboarding process for the customer.

Without these fundamentals, the most demanding users will give up before reaching the end of the process, and risk going to challenge competing companies. With a poor digital journey through account creation, companies can lose potential new customers.

Improve efficiency with automated identity verification

Previously, the process of onboarding customers was long and tedious. Identity documents had to be scanned by the users. Then, in most cases, copies of the scanned documents were sent to data entry platforms. Here, the job was to enter the visible information from the document. And then to check the different data.

Whether on the web or on mobile devices, the use of automated document verification solutions allows processes to be optimised. First of all, it reduces processing times. Documents are now checked in real time. And it also reduces the costs associated with manual document processing. It is clear that automated checks, in addition to saving time, allow companies to reduce their back-office checking costs.
This improves efficiency.

Increase your conversion rates with a pleasant and secure customer experience

Today, customers are sensitive to the digital experience offered by companies. And this starts with the online sign-up process.

In order to retain customers and keep them engaged, companies need to offer an automatic and secure onboarding process. This is especially true for financial institutions and other regulated businesses, such as online gambling providers.

Integrating document verification and identity check services, designed to provide an immediate response, helps to provide your users with the best possible customer experience. By guiding them through the process, the risk of abandonment during account creation is minimised. This is one of the best ways to optimise your conversion rates.

The 5 keys to a successful onboarding process

The most effective conversion tunnels for enrolling new customers are based on an optimal customer experience (CX):

  • Fluid journey: with a consistent interface, always personalised with the colours of its brand.
  • Simplified process: information collection limited to what is necessary.
  • Reliable data: information extracted from valid and authentic sources (identity document).
  • Limited effort: by re-using the reliable data previously collected to avoid any re-entry (auto-completion).
  • Instantaneous response: more than a response in principle, customers are looking for concreteness and expect immediacy.

A complete onboarding process, including a frictionless KYC stage, enables faster contracting with customers and more secure transactions. This reduces the risk of fraud, reduces prospect volatility and speeds up the sales process, particularly by reducing the number of document returns.

With our document capture and identity verification solutions, you can integrate a KYC brick, compliant with the regulations, in a totally transparent way into your buying process.


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