Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about IDnow eSign and IDnow Video-Ident. For further questions please contact us directly.

IDnow eSign

IDnow VideoIdent

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With the IDnow VideoIdent process, you can easily prove your identity online. All you need is your ID card, an internet connection, and a webcam or a smartphone.

The identification will be carried out through a video chat between you and an IDnow employee. It will take about three to five minutes. During the video chat, the employee will ask you to hold your ID document in the camera and tilt it to reveal the data and the security features on it. The IDnow employee will then check the data and store the photos of the legitimation. Finally, you will receive an Ident-Code by SMS on your mobile phone.

For IDnow VideoIdent you will need a valid ID or passport.

A large number of modern identity documents with holographic safety features are supported. In particular, ID cards and passports from the European Union, Turkey, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and the USA.

IDnow is a company based in Munich and specialized in secure identification methods. Since 2012 IDnow has been a pioneer for video identification in Germany and Europe. For more information about IDnow, please visit the IDnow website.

For a successful identification, you will need only:

  • a valid identity document
  • a PC with a webcam or a smartphone/tablet with camera
  • a mobile phone for receiving an SMS

Your identity must be established for different business transactions. This identification is often legally required, for example, by the Money Laundering Act.

The video identification procedure is free of charge for you as user. The fees for the procedure will be covered by your provider (e.g. your bank).

The identification takes only a few minutes.

Your data will be stored for identification and documentation purposes only. You will find all the details in our privacy policy.

All the data is several times encrypted and always securely stored according to the highest technical standards. The data is stored exclusively in highly secure banking centres within Germany.

IDnow relies on the highest technical safety standards. Only employees trained according to legal requirements will come into contact with your data.

You can contact us directly. Here you will find the IDnow contact data.