FAQ IDnow VideoIdent

Below you will find frequently asked questions (FAQ) about IDnow VideoIdent and online identification.

What is Video Identification or Video Legitimation?

Video Identification or Video Legitimation is a modern option for online personal identification. For the first time in 2014, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has set the criteria which online identification by video can be carried out in accordance with the Anti-Money-Laundering Act (GWG). The IDnow process is successfully used by a variety of banks, insurance and leasing companies, financial service providers and other companies. In contrast to analogue procedures, for instance PostIdent, the users can comfortably identify themselves at home or on the way using IDnow VideoIdent. A video connection between the user and an IDnow ident specialist is established, through which the user’s ID card and identity are verified. Online identification via video is completely digital and completed in a few minutes. This achieves significantly higher conversion rates than conventional identification procedures.

Is the IDnow VideoIdent solution officially approved for AML?

The IDnow product portfolio can help you to meet the requirements of many regulations. Talk to our regulation experts to find out how we support your specific use cases.

Can IDnow VideoIdent also be used for verifying age?

The IDnow product portfolio fulfils the requirements of many age verification regulations. Talk to our regulation experts to find out how we support your specific use cases.

Does IDnow VideoIdent replace the PostIdent procedure?

Yes. IDnow is the modern alternative to PostIdent. Your customers can comfortably identify themselves from home or on the go, 7 days a week, without any waiting times at the counter. Of course, you can also continue to offer PostIdent in addition to VideoIdent as an alternative for identification.

How easy is the process for my customers?

IDnow is proud to offer the video identification solution with the highest conversion rate and acceptance rate on the market. We place great value on the optimization of the product, in order that you achieve an optimal conversion rate. That’s why we have developed new processes for identification from scratch and oriented them toward online media. IDnow runs directly in the internet browser without any additional software. We also offer native apps for iOS and Android. Throughout the entire process, the user is supported by the tooltips and if there are questions, an IDnow ident specialist will provide personal support via video chat. We thus achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction and only need a few minutes for the identification process.

Is my customers’ data secure?

Yes. Your customer data is securely encrypted and stored on high-availability servers in Germany. IDnow relies on the high-security computing centre of Noris Network AG in Nuremberg. IDnow complies with the strictest data protection regulations and was certified for this by the Institute for IT Law. All data is encrypted and transmitted securely. Upon request, any data fields in the recorded IDs can be blackened out in order to act in accordance with the principle of data minimization. We will also gladly work with you in the framework of an order data processing agreement (ODPA).

Can I also assign agents from my own call center?

Yes. You can operate IDnow with ident specialists from your own call centre. You will be provided with the software as a software-as-a-service-solution (SaaS). Of course, you can also book IDnow as a full service and let our call centre handle the video identifications. The IDnow call centre is occupied exclusively by specialists who are comprehensively trained in accordance with the Anti Money Laundering Act (AML) and with respect to professional conduct via videotelephony. The call centre has strict access controls.

In which countries and languages is IDnow available?

IDnow is available worldwide. IDnow supports identification documents (passports and personal ID cards) in accordance with the common ICAO standard – at the moment in more than 193 countries. Our software and our call centre work completely multilingually in German, English, Spanish and French. If you require additional languages, we can offer this as part of our software-as-a-service-model (SaaS).

What do my customers need to identify themselves using IDnow?

For the video legitimation via IDnow VideoIdent, your customers only require:

  • A computer with a webcam or a smartphone or tablet
  • A valid ID document
  • An Internet connection
  • A mobile phone for receiving an activation code via SMS

What are IDnow’s greatest advantages?

Our solutions stand out due to three great advantages: an ideal user experience, leading technology and highest flexibility. Thanks to the distinctive user orientation of our products, companies who establish IDnow in their digital onboarding, profit from a considerably higher conversion rate in comparison to analogue identification processes. The innovative technology that we develop and use, is leading with regard to security and quality aspects. Moreover, by implementing our solutions our partners have the highest level of flexibility. They can integrate the IDnow interface easily into their own website or their iOS or Android apps and decide how deep the integration should go.