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Improving security and reducing fraud through ID verification.

The national identity card is used to prove identity, generally in the issuing country. It can also be used as a travel document if agreed between countries, as is the case among European nations.

In order to ensure uniformity, the majority of national identity cards comply with the 9303 standard, which is defined by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). The trend is to issue ID cards in a format similar to credit cards, which comply with the 9303 standard. This is the case for ID cards from France, Spain and Romania, etc. However, there are several countries that have issued ID cards that do not comply with this standard.

For example, in Portugal, a single document serves as an identity card, social security card, taxpayer card and polling card. In the US, an optional identity card exists: the US passport card, which is not widely used. As a driving licence is widely used as proof of identity in the US, some states have opted to issue identity cards for non-drivers that have the same characteristics as a driving licence. 

Having a secure identity card is a must for all countries and their citizens to address national security concerns, such as population movement, terrorism, document fraud, and identity theft, etc. ID verification tools to prove the authenticity of documents, and the identity of the holders have therefore become incredibly important.

Check the authenticity of an identity card.

As there are different versions of ID cards around the world, there is no verification standard, per se. However, one of the main security criteria is an ID number check. Depending on the model, there are different security features to verify the authenticity of a national ID card:

  • MRZ (Machine-Readable Zone)
  • Special inks and special fonts
  • Bar codes or 2D bar codes
  • Printing methods and microprinting
  • Embedding a contact or contactless chip
  • Elements that reflect or react to special lighting or at specific angle

Many European identity cards, such as the French national identity card, have implemented these security standards. An identity card verification process automatically detects if the document features the above elements and that they have not been falsified.

An identity card verification service that meets multiple needs.

Despite identity cards featuring these security elements, some fraudsters have still managed to reproduce very similar false identity cards. Unfortunately, as it is not always possible to detect ID card fraud with the naked eye, an automated ID verification solution is essential, especially for companies that onboard their customers remotely. Why?

Thanks to our identity card verification service, you can rest assured that the ID is genuine. Our solution covers a growing number of types of identity documents (ID card, passport, driver license, residence permit…etc) in more than 208 countries and organizations.


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