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International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR)

What is the International Association of Gaming Regulators?

The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) is a voluntary organization established in the 1980s. It consists of representatives of gaming regulation and control bodies in individual territories and countries worldwide and works towards advancing the reputation of online gaming.

The establishment of IAGR can be traced back to 1980 when it emerged as the newest addition from the International Association of Gaming Attorneys’ annual meeting. To foster independence, the IAGR subsidiary broke away from its parent organization and began operating as an independent entity in late 2010.

After becoming independent of IAGA, the IAGR was officially incorporated as a non-profit with specific instructions for its new administrative body. Under its legislation, the association’s leadership was changed from a Steering Committee and thus presented to the Chairman of the Board’s Trustees and counselled by a professional officer team and a President.

Since its independence in 2010, the IAGR has grown and presently includes regulators from South America, North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and more. Furthermore, Cape Town served as the association’s first independent conference. Additionally, the International Association of Gaming Regulators is registered in Las Vegas and the association’s members determine the membership of the board of Trustees.

The International Association of Gaming Regulators offers a platform for regulators worldwide to meet, promote best practice strategies and techniques, exchange opinions and views, network, share information, and discuss policies, legislation, and procedures.

Since its establishment away from the International Association of Gaming Attorneys, IAGR evolved into an incorporated non-profit organization in 2011. At that point, it had begun to provide a voice for gaming regulatory agencies, international gaming industry representatives, and governments.

What does the International Association of Gaming Regulators do?

Considered the leading global industry body for gambling and gaming regulators, speaking for jurisdictions and regulators globally, the International Association of Gaming Regulators aims to inform, educate, protect, advocate, and unify members.

The association also provides a central access point for inquiries from regulatory agencies, governments, and international gaming industry representatives.

Furthermore, the International Association of Gaming Regulators runs processes to ensure the honesty and transparency of e-gaming operators. The association has initiated a multiform testing framework establishing external testing laboratories. These labs focus on testing RNGs (Random Number Generators) in iGaming. Below are the current participating jurisdictions:

The prime objective is to determine a commonly agreed-upon process for the certification and testing of iGaming products.

IAGR’s Advisory Sub-Committees also offer opportunities for participating members. Comprised of specialist representatives from the association’s Board of Trustees as well as across the membership, these Advisory Sub-Committees employ industry experts to:

  • Recognize issues impacting regulators
  • Offer a forum for exchanging industry best practices
  • Discuss pressing issues for the association’s members
  • Help establish policy positions

Each Sub-Committee is led by a board member and sustained by a member of the expert committee and the association’s support team. Groups promote engagement while leveraging participants’ combined knowledge and experience to uphold the IAGR membership.

Members receive exposure to industry practice and intellectual influence and help strengthen the voice of IAGR through their input.

The IAGR International Regulatory Awards Sub-Committee is a relatively new committee, introduced in 2021. As such, the awards recognize regulators who have made significant contributions to the gaming regulation field.

How does the IAGR work with other associations and regulators?

The International Association of Gaming Regulators works collaboratively with strategic partners to bring about a calendar of pioneering initiatives and events all year round to inspire, educate, and benefit the community.

The association provides members access to such events via in-person and virtual experiences, including IAGR conferences, lunches, briefings, roundtables, web seminars, forums, galas, trainings, and collaborative initiatives and events.

IAGR also occasionally collaborates with prominent industry brands to create comprehensive publications or produce research on critical issues and particular topics regarding the sector.

Partners of the association are connected with forward-thinking decision-makers and senior chief regulators, CEOs, CFOS, and HR managers, aiming to inspire change throughout their jurisdictions.

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