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Instituto Brasileiro de Jogo Responsável (IBJR)

What is the Instituto Brasileiro de Jogo Responsável (IBJR)? 

The Instituto Brasileiro de Jogo Responsável, commonly called IBJR, is a new organization in Brazil, spearheading the country’s growing focus on promoting responsible gambling practices. Brazil is currently undergoing the largest change in its gambling laws since all forms of gambling were prohibited in 1946. The IBJR has become a vital institution as Brazil looks set to revolutionize its iGambling practices. 

The history of the IBJR. 

The IBJR is a beacon of safety in Brazil’s growing online gambling landscape. The IBJR is committed to fostering a responsible and sustainable gaming environment that everybody in the country can profit from. 

IBJR’s core mission is to protect players, operators, and society from the pitfalls of irresponsible gambling, ensuring that the sector remains a source of entertainment by mitigating the negative consequences. Their vision encompasses an inclusive approach, where all stakeholders collaborate to maintain the integrity of Brazil’s gaming industry. 

IBJR was established in 2023 in response to the rapid expansion of the online gambling sector in Brazil. The institute was formed with a coalition of industry veterans, experts, and enthusiasts to address the challenges of the rapidly growing market. 

True to its foundational principles, the IBJR actively engages with government and industry stakeholders as it believes that through partnerships, discussions, and joint initiatives, it can create a regulatory framework that strikes the right balance between growth and responsibility.

What is the mission and purpose of the IBJR?

The IBJR has four key initiatives that drive its decision-making.  

  1. Education and Training: A core pillar of IBR’s strategy is to enlighten the public about the risks associated with online gambling. IBJR offers numerous online programs that educate players, operators, and the general public on the importance of responsible gaming habits. 
  1. Research and Development: IBJR is heavily invested in understanding the dynamic nature of the online gambling industry and its implications on society. It dives deep into the patterns, risks, and socio-economic impacts of gambling in Brazil to ensure there is a well-rounded and accurate representation of the marketplace it aims to protect.
  1. Support Systems: IBJR understands the importance of recognizing the adverse effects of gambling addiction and has established robust support systems. This support network includes helplines, counseling services, and rehabilitation programs for those affected by gambling-related problems. 
  1. Collaborations and Partnerships: The IBJR actively seeks collaborations with stakeholders within and outside the gambling industry. IBJR believes it is important to partner with health institutions, non-government organizations, and gambling operators to ensure a holistic approach to addressing the gambling challenges in Brazil. 

Understanding responsible gambling is imperative if an organization such as IBJR is to thrive when entering the Brazilian market, which has been unregulated for many years.

The need for responsible gambling initiatives in Brazil.

The need for responsible gambling initiatives is more important than ever, thanks to the rapid expansion of Brazil’s online gambling scene. Over 70% of Brazilians engage in some form of online gambling. Revenue projections show the iGaming market in Brazil will reach £2.6 billion by 2026.  

However, the rising popularity of online gambling presents several potential pitfalls, and as a result, there is a strong need for responsible gambling initiatives in Brazil. Irresponsible gambling leads to serious personal consequences, including addiction and financial turmoil. The same risks extend to Brazilian societies as a whole. Communities battling gambling addictions grapple with increased crime rates, the economic burden of addressing gambling-related issues, and weakening societal ties.  

The IBJR understands that as Brazil dives deeper into this industry, championing responsible gambling initiatives is no longer optional—it’s a necessity. Responsible gambling initiatives serve as safeguards, ensuring both individual and societal well-being. 

How does the IBJR promote responsible gambling?

The IBJR stresses that responsible gambling isn’t merely individual responsibility but a collective effort. IBJR believes the following three levels need to be targeted regarding gambling awareness.  

  1. Gamblers: Education is needed to teach that gambling is a hobby or indulgence, and not a reliable source of income. 
  1. Operators: Operators have a responsibility to offer tools that help players control their behavior. IBJR wants to impose measures such as deposit limits, time-outs, and self-exclusion options. 
  1. Society: The Brazilian society must be educated about the signs of gambling addiction and how best to help someone in need. 

The IBJR is a beacon of light in an industry fraught with challenges. Its continued efforts to promote responsible gambling practices ensure that Brazilians enjoy the economic benefits of online gambling without compromising the well-being of the individuals that help it thrive. 

What are IBJR’s critical initiatives in the Brazilian online gambling market?

Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular in Brazil, and with new legislation growing even closer to fruition, the IBJR is doubling in its commitment to safeguarding players and promoting informed choices. 

The IBJR has launched several public awareness campaigns to educate the public about online gambling. The IBJR looks to put the onus on responsible behavior. Several of their campaigns have seen substantial success.

Education is the bedrock of IBJR’s initiatives. for example, the organization creates tailored workshops for schools and communities, emphasizing the importance of responsible gambling in the digital age. The programs aim to educate and equip people with the skills needed to identify indicators of problem gambling before they snowball into something life-changing and in doing so, ensure the online gambling environment remains fun and protected. 

IBJR has also created a dedicated helpline for gambling addiction. This 24/7 service offers guidance, resources, and help around the clock. 

What kind of partnerships does IBJR have with gambling establishments? 

IBJR believes in the power of collaboration. By joining forces with 13 global partners and leading names in the online gambling sector, the IBJR has been instrumental in weaving responsible gambling measures into the fabric of Brazil’s new regulatory process for iGaming.  

Each company that has formed part of this new coalition is committed to promoting responsible gambling and protecting those who are easily influenced, namely minors and people with poor credit ratings.  

One such success story is the recent announcement that Brazilian bookmakers have agreed to stop using people under the age of 25 in their advertisements in a bid to switch their targeted audience to a more mature and financially sensible demographic.  

What challenges does IBJR face in its initiatives? 

Instituto Brasileiro de Jogo Responsável are undoubtedly the figurehead of the responsible gambling movement in Brazil. Being a new commission entering into a rich market that has been largely unregulated on home soil for nearly eighty years, the IBJR have grappled with a unique set of challenges. 

  • Funding Limitations: Financial sustainability is a pressing concern for the IBJR; with its expansive awareness-raising initiatives and implementing far-reaching protective measures, securing consistent and ample funding is paramount to the institute’s long-term success.
  • Societal Stigmas: The IBJR faces the hurdle of destigmatizing gambling addiction in an economy with a rich history in black market gambling, unregulated online betting, and a series of match-fixing scandals that have filled headlines for too long. The deep-rooted biases and misconceptions in Brazilian gambling culture make it difficult to establish open dialogue and access to necessary resources for those struggling with addiction.
  • Regulatory Challenges: Brazil’s rapidly changing regulatory environment presents another layer of complexity. Creating a security framework is challenging enough, notwithstanding in a country with no established regulatory policies for online gambling.  

Luckily, IDnow is a company that offers pivotal support in this particular avenue. IDnow has a suite of identity verification solutions tailored for regulated industries, including the rapidly changing LATAM online gambling marketplace. IDnow is experienced in navigating complex global regulatory landscapes. For the Brazilian market, partnering with IDnow would empower online gambling operators in Brazil to remain compliant, reduce administrative burdens, and focus on its core mission of promoting responsible gambling and protecting the most vulnerable. 

What are the possible future goals and vision of the IBJR?

The IBJR remains steadfast in its vision for a future where online gambling is sustainable and harm-free entertainment that is open and accessible to all Brazilians. 

  • IBJR endorses an evolving gambling ecosystem where every player is protected and educated about the dangers of online gambling. IBJR also believes that the thrill of the game will grow under the light of regulations and a continued focus on player security.
  • The IBJR recognizes the vast and diverse landscape of iGaming in Brazil and is designing strategies to deepen its reach. The goal is to ensure every corner of Brazil gambling is positively affected by the founding principles of responsible gambling.
  • The IBJR is the driving force behind innovative solutions, leveraging technology, research, and community engagement to be the voice of positive change.  

With commitment and a clear vision, IBJR is confident of building a future where responsible gambling is the pillar upon which the Brazilian iGaming community sits. 

The IBJR is pivotal in developing a culture where gambling is viewed and pursued responsibly. IBJR initiatives protect individual customers and the entire online gambling community by helping inform people of the dangers of iGaming. 

Navigating the complex regulatory and societal challenges posed by a country the size of Brazil with such high levels of engagement is not a small task. IDnow has the tools to help make online gambling in South America – particularly Brazil – a better and safer place for everybody. 


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