What is Associação Brasileira de Defesa da Integridade do Esporte (ABRADIE)?

Established in 2023, ABRADIE is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving integrity in sports and combating match-fixing and betting-related corruption. in Brazil.

ABRADIE is determined to implement meticulous financial monitoring and to establish ethical codes of conduct that ensure the same level of integrity is maintained across every level of every sport. While significant strides have been made, the journey to uphold the sanctity of sports in Brazil is ongoing, and it demands the collective commitment of all stakeholders. 

The history of ABRADIE.

Brazil has been plagued by betting and match-fixing scandals in recent years. In a bid to bring about sustainable and positive change, ABRADIE was launched to promote integrity. Created with a clear vision, ABRADIE shoulders the responsibility of upholding and promoting standards of honesty, fairness, and transparency in Brazil’s sports landscape. 

The birth of ABRADIE comes when Brazil is going through an enormous period of change regarding its gambling laws and accessibility. ABRADIE was established in response to growing concerns about the integrity of sports in Brazil and emerged from a collective desire to guard the nation’s sports heritage against the threats of corruption, match-fixing, and undue influence from external parties. 

The motivation behind ABRADIE’s formation was to provide a unified front against increasing levels of deception and nefarious activity in sports. As Brazil’s culture, economy, and social identity are rooted in sports, this acted as a major motivator for key stakeholders to found ABRADIE, and uphold the core values of fairness, transparency, and honesty in Brazilian sports. 

What is the mission and purpose of ABRADIE?

ABRADIE has three primary missions: 

  • Promotion of Fairness: By monitoring competitions and flagging inconsistencies, ABRADIE ensures that every game is played in its purest form by combatting betting corruption in Brazil and keeping it free from manipulation or external influence.
  • Education & Awareness: Through workshops, training sessions, and collaboration, ABRADIE educates its stakeholders on the importance of integrity in Brazilian sport and equips them with the tools necessary to detect and deter foul play.
  • Advocacy & Influence: By shaping policy decisions and guiding regulatory frameworks, ABRADIE acts as a defining voice for match-fixing prevention against corruption and combatting match-fixing and any other threats to the sanctity of sports. 

Protecting fair play in Brazilian sports.

ABRADIE is a guardian of sporting fair play in a nation actively seeking to improve and leave behind a history of match-fixing and betting-related scandals.  

One of ABRADIE’s chief strategies is the proactive monitoring of sports events to identify and swiftly address suspicious activities, and irregularities and patterns. 

The Brazilian government and associated parties are eager to send a message to the public that times are changing. New Brazilian sports regulations are being implemented to clamp down on unethical practices, and punish perpetrators.  

ABRADIE’s core mission statement is a commitment to fairness. It goes beyond the field of play and dives deep into the operations of sports organizations to instil a culture of transparency. 

Two key factors are behind ABRADIE’s push for transparency and accountability:

  • Monitoring Financial Activities: An essential facet of ABRADIE’s oversight of sports integrity is vigilantly monitoring financial transactions to ensure the allure of corruption is minimized. 
  • Establishing Codes of Conduct: ABRADIE’s commitment to integrity is holistic. By laying down clear codes of conduct, it sets expectations for athletes, officials, and administrators alike. These guidelines act as a moral compass, directing individuals toward making the right decisions and upholding the integrity of sports in Brazil. 

What are ABRADIE’s key initiatives in the Brazilian market?

ABRADIE has four driving initiatives that resonate with its mission of preserving sports integrity. 

  • Anti-Corruption Measures: ABRADIE recognizes the destructive force of sports betting corruption, and has set forth stringent measures to identify, address, and prevent corrupt practices within sports. ABRADIE aims to create a transparent environment to ensure that sports competitions are not marred by underhanded tactics or deceit.
  • Clean Competition & Doping-Free Athletics: ABRADIE champions the cause of doping-free sports, and is working diligently to ensure that every victory stems from an athlete’s skill, dedication, and hard work rather than through the use of illicit substances.
  • Collaborative Endeavors: ABRADIE understands that a singular entity cannot safeguard the essence of sports integrity. As such, it actively collaborates with sports organizations, governing bodies, athletes, and other authorities to build a united front that protects and promotes the spirit of fair competition.
  • Educational Programs: Knowledge is a powerful tool in the ongoing battle against betting corruption in sports. ABRADIE works to educate its various stakeholders about the importance of sports integrity. It sheds light on the perils of compromising sports ethics through workshops, seminars, and training sessions. 

ABRADIE’s initiatives address preventative and responsive aspects to safeguard the heart of Brazilian sports. Its commitment promises a sporting landscape where authenticity, passion, and fair play remain at the forefront. 

What kind of collaborative partnerships does ABRADIE have with other gambling establishments?

ABRADIE is not alone in its quest to bring integrity back to the Brazilian sports landscape. ABRADIE has partnerships with a wide range of agencies, and national and international sports associations, including Maia Yoshiyasu Advogados, Liga Nacional de Basquete, and Genius Sports.

These collaborative unions allow ABRADIE and its partners to share best practices, ensuring that every measure to protect sports’ integrity is comprehensive and effective. ABRADIE and its partners have a mission to preserve the spirit of competition everywhere, from the football fields of Brazil to international athletic arenas. 

By facilitating open dialogue, ABRADIE ensures that insights, innovations, and challenges of sports integrity are shared, discussed, and addressed. This continuous exchange fortifies the Brazilian sporting landscape against corruption, doping, and match-fixing threats. 

Technology’s role in sports integrity.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the marriage of sports and technology is essential. Through rigorous monitoring, legal fortitude, and technological support, ABRADIE and its partners are determined to clean up Brazilian sports and remove all traces of corruption to make sports and online betting a fair landscape everyone can enjoy. By intertwining technology with sports, ABRADIE is enhancing the viewing experience for fans while fortifying the foundations of fair play and integrity across the online gambling sphere. 

Technology will play a pivotal role in cleaning up Brazil’s sporting landscape. For example, identity verification services can make the online gambling space safer and better controlled. IDnow’s identification verification solution, which include CPF checks, ensure that betting-related activities remain transparent and authenticated. IDnow’s advanced verification system is tailor-made for the South American online gambling scene, ensuring that digital platforms operate with the same level of integrity that ABRADIE envisions for Brazilian sports. 


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