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How Identity Verification can solve esports’ cheating problem

Cheating in esports is a pressing issue as it poses a threat to all involved stakeholders. From players to developers, tournament hosts, and sponsors, if a tournament is damaged by the presence of cheaters, the fallout is never good. 

Especially with esports being such a fast paced and modern environment, negative news spreads like wildfire and just one incident could have lasting repercussions, sometimes even to a point of no return. 

This is why it’s vital to detect and prevent online gaming fraud and one of the best ways to do this is through the use of AI-powered identity verification systems. But what exactly does this mean and how does it all work? Let’s break it all down step by step. 

What is AI-powered Identity Verification?

AI-powered identity verification is a system that combines the best of human instinct and technology with modern machine learning technology to verify the identity of users. It allows for a streamlined user experience and, with tools like IDnow’s AutoIdent, it can be as simple as a user uploading images of their ID documents and following on screen prompts. 

The biggest advantages of using an AI-powered system are the speed and accuracy of results. It both eliminates time consuming manual inputs, as well as the risk of human error. Overall, it is both a quick and secure method to verify users identification and can be used as both a cheater prevention and age verification tool. 

How could AI-powered Identity Verification be used for esports?

There are many ways that an online identification system could be used in esports. It could come as a solution to a key problem of ‘ghost accounts’ – these are new accounts created and used by cheaters when they have been caught and banned on other accounts, allowing them to cheat in a game all over again. This is one of the biggest issues, as there’s currently no real way to stop users from making new accounts and it’s especially problematic in free-to-play games, where there’s no cost to making a new account.

By using an AI-powered identity verification tool, accounts could only be created if they are tied to unique users, which would require official documents and proof of identity, making it much more difficult to make and obtain ghost accounts. 

This would also come as a deterrent to cheating and other illicit activities in the first place, as players would be held accountable for their accounts and wouldn’t be able to play the game again if they were banned. As the tools require ID verification, it would also aid in preventing fraud and under-age gaming. 

At the same time, it also provides an extra layer of security, as these verification tools can also be used as a multi-factor authentication system. 

The best news is that these AI-powered identity verification systems already exist and successfully function in other markets. Let’s take a look at one example at IDnow. 

How IDnow’s AutoIdent can solve esports’ cheating problem

IDnow’s AutoIdent can be the perfect solution to the outlined problems. It’s an AI-powered identity verification tool that makes it quick and painless for users and is thus a perfect fit for the fast-paced esports world. 

Verification can be as simple as downloading an ID verification app, then scanning an ID document and taking a selfie to confirm identity. This is then automatically verified through AI and users can expect results within minutes, all while following simple on-screen instructions. Even if there is an issue, IDnow specialists are always available and still able to deliver speedy results. 

The platform also boasts great scalability and potential for global deployment as it’s able to identify people anywhere, anytime. In fact, right now there is potential to cover 7 billion customers from 195 different countries, and considering how much of a global phenomenon gaming and esports is, this will be vital for large scale, triple A titles. 

Best of all, IDnow boasts impressive proof of work, having already employed products with over 250 customers, including leading international companies like Lottoland, Bank of Scotland, and Western Union during their seven years in business. 

All this means that IDnow’s AutoIdent not only fills the gaps in esports current anti-cheater systems, but also has a reliable and experienced team that can provably deliver an exceptional product and service.

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