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Regulation & Compliance

The Language of Regulation: Trust a native speaker.

KYC is our native language.

We have contributed to the technical and regulatory requirements since our inception.

IDnow’s solutions are designed in Germany. From day one, they were developed to meet the strict legal requirements in Germany and national Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation.

Since its inception in 2014, IDnow has been led by entrepreneurs who actively pursue “smart growth”. Our initial IDnow VideoIdent product was launched, quickly producing innovative results that significantly improved customer conversion rates. Our confidence in these results encouraged us to move forward in developing other advanced product solutions.

Clearly, the challenges for any digital industry are numerous.

Selecting a solution that serves this market will face intense scrutiny. We believe that trust, reliability, and security are fundamental to addressing your needs in this rapidly growing sphere.

Quality and Security wherever you are.

Whether you operate in Europe or anywhere else in the world, your business and your customers deserve a secure solution.

With the approval of remote identification solutions according to national AML laws, companies subject to such regulations, including banking and financial, insurance, telecoms, and other digital industries, opt for these remote solutions to onboard their customers. We offer a high level of data protection, improved conversion, and significant advantages to our clients and their customers. To ensure that we remain on top of developments, our products are audited by the appropriate Conformity Assessment Body (CAB).

IDnow offers digital identity verification based on trust through security.


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