New to AML? Questions about KYC?

Trust a native speaker.

If your company does business online, an identity verification solution you can rely on is a must. Financial and anti-fraud regulation is a complex topic, with a range of strict national and international legal (and compliance) requirements that are non-negotiable. And the financial penalties are severe. This makes knowing who to talk to in a crowded marketplace vital. Our advice: Trust a native speaker.

KYC is our native language.

Unlike other solutions on the market, IDnow’s solutions were developed in Germany, and designed from the beginning to meet the tightest legal requirements in the world. We literally have the patent to prove it. VideoIdent, our founding technology, is the only online identity verification solution on the market protected by an EU patent.

Since IDnow was founded in 2014, we’ve developed all our solutions to meet every legal requirement and more. That’s why we guarantee compliance with all relevant AML, KYC, and other regulations. Worldwide. This is true for all of our solutions, from VideoIdent, to eSign, to AutoIdent – our AI-based ID verification system.

Made in Germany – Security wherever you are.

Whether you do business in Europe or anywhere else in the world, your business and your customers require the most secure solution on the market. And because our technology is designed to provide the highest security, compliance is part of the package. We don’t have to add security features – we’ve got compliance covered. And to stay on top of developments, we’re regularly audited by Ernst & Young.

Learn more about individual compliance frameworks, and the solutions we offer to meet their requirements.