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IDnow AutoIdent in three easy steps.

Verify your customer’s identity in less than a minute.

Hey! If you are a consumer and need to identify yourself:

Please use the customer support page to get help with your identification.

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Fast, easy, secure, and compliant.

All you need is an ID document and a smartphone. Our highly reliable AI-powered AutoIdent solution will do the rest.

Your benefits in a nutshell:

  • Fully compliant KYC identification in under a minute.
  • Available anytime, anywhere in 195 countries and 30+ languages.
  • Excellent usability, optimized for desktop, tablet, mobile and POS processes and confirmed by outstanding user ratings.
  • Advanced AI and machine learning, trained on millions of datasets to boost fraud prevention to 99.97%.
  • Meets the strictest regulatory KYC requirements.
  • All data and ident centers and specialists are based in Europe to ensure GDPR-compliance.

Try it and see!