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A fast, automated identity document verification service

When users sign up for your goods and services, especially remotely, it is sometimes necessary to verify their identity to secure the transaction. Integrating this step into a digital procurement journey can be complex, and document processing can quickly become time-consuming.

By integrating an automated ID verification process, you can increase productivity and provide your customers with a seamless and instantaneous digital experience. We offer two approaches to ID document verification: an automated verification solution, and a hybrid verification service that combines artificial intelligence and human expertise.

How do our document verification services work?

Our automated identity document verification service

Once the identity document is registered, either by your own efforts or through our instant document capture tools, our API identifies the document, verifies it and extracts the information in a fully automated manner. Using a combination of document expertise and advanced image processing technology, our services verify and analyse the data in real time, giving you a verdict on the authenticity and validity of the document in less than 12 seconds.

In this way, our document verification service detects any altered or falsified documents, thus helping to combat document fraud. To simplify your processes, the verification of a document can be carried out individually or in file mode. The latter mode allows you to compile the various documents of the same person, and to apply data cross-checks to ensure the overall consistency of the user’s identity.

Our hybrid identity document verification service

In addition to our automated verification service, we offer a hybrid processing service.

When the automated verification cannot be finalised (the document is not recognised or the algorithms cannot extract the information), a manual verification is carried out. Experts trained in fraud detection complete the verification.

Our model combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to guarantee complete document processing.

All this while offering a seamless customer experience :

  • 7 days a week, 24 hours a day documents verification
  • A commitment to manual processing in less than 5 minutes
  • 100% verification and validation of documents received
  • Full analysis when uncertainty is detected

Our hybrid solution offers you an end-to-end verification, reducing fraud and ensuring compliance with the requirements of various regulators. As an added bonus, our manual processing centre is based in Europe, ensuring that you receive a GDPR compliant service.

The benefits of document verification by hybrid processing

The benefits of document verification by hybrid processing

  • A complete title check

    By combining manual verification with automated processing, 100% of your users' document flow is now verified.

  • Reduction of fraud

    By combining artificial intelligence with human expertise, checks are even more secure and the risks of fraud and identity theft are reduced.

  • A smooth and seamless customer journey

    Documents are checked automatically in less than 12 seconds, and manually in less than 5 minutes, providing a fast and smooth experience.

A document verification solution compatible with many countries and organizations

With a team of certified forensic experts, an Interpol trainer specialising in stolen documents and former police officers, we have developed real expertise in document verification.

Our service verifies the authenticity of national identity cards, passports, residence permits, driving licences, health insurance cards, etc. And it is designed to cover an ever-increasing number of countries and types of identity documents.

Our experts follow the evolution of identity documents worldwide, while taking into account previous formats, to guarantee a professional and efficient service.

208+ countries and Organizations coverage!

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Digital verification via video-chat, backed by AI-technology. Our AML-compliant solution meets high security requirements.


Automated, AI-powered identity verification for users all over the world – anytime, anywhere. And AML-compliant.

Our automated instant identity verification is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It’s simple, secure, and available anywhere, at any time. PVID

Identity verification is in the process of being certified by the ANSSI and complies with the Anti-Money Laundering Directives (AML-CFT) and meets high security requirements.


NFC-based solution for the electronic German identification card. Our identity verification solution with easy data scanning via smartphone. AML-compliant.


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