ARIADNEXT and IDnow launch AutoIdent+QES, a Qualified Electronic Signature Solution integrating Hybrid Remote Identity Verification to Meet KYC Requirements

Rennes and Munich, Dec. 7, 2021, AutoIdent+QES is an all-in-one solution with qualified electronic signature (according to eIDAS v1) paired with remote identity verification, compliant with the AML-CFT Directive, available on the French market and a real alternative to a PVID service.

IDnow and ARIADNEXT, who recently joined forces (June 2021) with the purpose of becoming the KYC leader in Europe, introduce a qualified electronic signature solution paired with automatic and manual identity verification: AutoIdent+QES complies with KYC requirements of French companies under the European AML/CFT Directive.

As a reminder, many sectors are subject to the AML/CFT Directive: banks, insurance companies, fintech and neobanks, online gambling, etc. As part of their onboarding process (KYC), they are required to implement measures such as verification of the person’s identity document, micro-payment, identity verification by a Remote Identity Verification Provider (PVID) or qualified electronic signature. These measures can be considered as constraining, in the integration of the solution but especially in their impact on the onboarding process for end users, looking for smooth experiences.

The AutoIdent+QES solution, certified by an accredited body, effortlessly orchestrates a hybrid identity verification completed by a qualified electronic signature according to eIDAS. Easily integrated, it enables regulated companies to address their services in full compliance to all types of audiences (even non-banked) and delivers a complete, fluid and fast user experience, with a less than 10 minute onboarding process during which the user proves their identity.

A significant advantage of the AutoIdent+QES onboarding process is its total flexibility: depending on the customer’s needs, the eSign module for digital contract signing can complete the journey by enabling the signing of a contract, paving the way for other use cases, such as taking out a consumer loan in a fully digital process.

“With AutoIdent+QES, our customers, who operate in an ever-changing environment, have the peace of mind and flexibility to choose the solution that best meets their needs,” says Andreas Bodczek, CEO of IDnow.

Marc Norlain, co-founder of ARIADNEXT and IDnow Board Member adds “this certified solution, already available on the European market, offers a real alternative to the upcoming PVID certification in the French landscape. The AutoIdent+QES solution completes our product offering for companies required to comply with AML-CFT regulations and anticipates the upcoming certification of our PVID solution by offering a service that can be deployed by financial institutions”.


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