Digital Contract Management

Many companies use Digital Transaction Management (DTM) programmes for collaboration with employees and business partners. These are cloud-based applications for document-related transactions. This is not only pure document management but also verification management, document sharing, secure archiving, authentication and the digital signing of contracts.

Especially in the digital age DTMs are innovative solutions which let you conclude legal business fast and securely.

We support DTMs in the processing of contracts. These are often time-sensitive and also have security requirements. As such, it is always important that an appropriate solution is used. Through the focus on contracts we refer to Digital Contract Management.


At the moment it is more important than ever to manage contracts digitally.

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Electronic Signatures
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DocuSign and IDnow have a longstanding and trusted partnership. As the first agreement cloud technology vendor and a qualified trust service provider in Europe, DocuSign integrates with IDnow’s identity verification solutions to enable organizations to adopt legally valid electronic signing across Europe. Together, we’ve collaborated with regulators to provide new and accessible ways to sign digitally at the highest security level and comply with eIDAS qualified electronic signature requirements. We particularly appreciate IDnow’s emphasis on outstanding technology as well as their effort to fulfil the security standards.

Thibault De Valroger | Sr Director Business Development | DocuSign

Use Cases.

There are many contracts which require a manual signature. Within the context of Digital Transaction Management, the option exists of having these digitally signed in order to enable the complete digital process right up until the end. IDnow eSign is the solution of choice.

Employment Contracts.


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