AML-compliant identification available around the clock for the first time at IDnow

As one of the first providers, the IDnow platform will enable a 24-hour service for identity verification


Munich, June 23rd 2021, IDnow, a leading platform-as-a-service provider for identity verification, announces the launch of AML-compliant video identifications around the clock. Users can now perform non-automated identity verification procedures at any time thanks to the overnight operation.

“With the extended service hours with 24-hour availability, we give our users even more freedom and enable our business customers with tailored support even better accessibility, higher customer satisfaction and of course the possibility to identify more customers per day” says Bettina Pauck, COO of IDnow. “No matter what industry you are in or what your use case is – opening a bank account, foreign exchange trading or player verification, we are here for you.”

The new service offering, which is available in English and German, completes IDnow’s strategy of focusing on the user needs and providing an easy and quick identification – whenever and wherever a customer wants. “For a convenient process that fits into the fast-paced, digital-centric everyday life of users, such a factor is essential,” adds Bettina Pauck.

Furthermore, IDnow offers a highly secure and reliable structure – with a diversification to a total of 20 geographically distributed ident center locations. The sites are located in various cities across Germany and Europe and also guarantee a high level of data protection. The highly qualified and multilingual fraud and identification specialists, who can also offer the service in French, Italian and Spanish, are trained on the comprehensive BaFin process, know the data protection regulations as well as the common forgery and fraud possibilities.

IDnow has expanded its role in recent years far beyond offering individual ident procedures and has become the overarching platform for digital identities with several million transactions per year. In early 2021, IDnow announced the acquisition of identity Trust Management AG, one of the leading international providers of online and offline verification. This was the second acquisition within six months for IDnow and represents an important milestone on the way to becoming the leading identity platform in Europe. The acquisition of identity Trust Management AG enables IDnow to expand into new industries and offer its services to a broader customer base in Germany and beyond.


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