Webcast: KYC Overview in Crypto

Regulations for cryptocurrencies and virtual assets in Europe are set to get a major overhaul in the coming months. The European Commission is currently working on proposals that will bring these assets under the scope of EU financial rules for the first time. The move comes as more and more people are investing in crypto-assets, and the market for these assets is growing exponentially.

While investment opportunities in this space are encouraged, there is also a risk of fraudulent activities, such as Money Laundering. The new proposals will help to mitigate this risk by ensuring that cryptocurrencies and virtual assets are subject to the same anti-money laundering rules as other financial instruments. In addition, the proposals will also establish a clear legal framework for initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Tune into our webcast and see our experts Rayissa Armata et al peel back the layer on the main trends and developments in the European regulatory space in crypto and virtual assets.

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  • idea strategy icon in orange on white The key trends and developments in the European crypto regulatory landscape
  • charging light icon in orange on white Getting ready: Insight on the questions and aspects being discussed among regulators
  • graph stats ascending arrow in orange on white How cryptocurrency operators can navigate with ease through the regulatory jungle in the EU+UK

Our experts:

Rayissa Armata head shot woman wearing a coat Rayissa Armata, Head of Regulatory Affairs @ IDnow