Age Verification

What is age verification?

Europe is preparing to amend its national AML acts and implement the Fifth EU Anti Money Laundering Directive (AMLD 5) by January 10, 2020. This means, licensed operators in gaming and gambling must continue to ensure all players are properly identified as part of their risk-based assessments to mitigate potential money laundering and to protect minors.

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But age verification isn't only in the gaming and gambling sectors. Verifying age is also becoming common in the mobility industry with regulations becoming more prominent especially within micromobility, specifically e-scooters.

Why is age verification important?

Age verification is important because it not only protects minors in gaming, gambling and mobility but it also protects companies from those who would commit fraud or bypass age guidelines. This in turn provides companies to comply with regulatory requirements and maintain user trust.

It ensures the safety of everyone involved especially in mobility making sure that all drivers, be it of cars or e-scooters, are of legal age to operate the vehicle of choice.

How do you verify age online?

Verifying age online is a simple process where users of a site requiring age verification fill out their necessary information including name, age, etc. and then upload a picture of their identity document in order for the information to be checked for accuracy. Sometimes, a photo or video selfie is also conducted in order to verify the person filling out the information is the person in the photo.

But what documents are required for age verification? In order to verify age, users must present a form of identification such as a passport or ID card which will then be verified with the information provided.


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