The future of mobility is driven by AI

Like with many industries, digitization has a big influence on the mobility sector. The demand for digital services has grown rapidly in the last years.

Modern digital solutions grant users a great deal of flexibility and comfort. The primary focus is usually on time-saving and user experience.

Traveling has become much easier for people who don’t own a car – which is a significant trend in urban areas. Services like Car Sharing, Ride-Hailing, or Car Subscriptions have become more and more popular in the last years. However, those services require a secure and fast identity verification process to guarantee the user is of legal age and allowed to drive while guaranteeing a perfect user experience.

Identity verification for the new generation

To start the onboarding process, users need to identify themselves, verify their driving license and age. IDnow AutoIdent is able to verify users within minutes – a perfect solution for the Now Economy. Convince yourself and try our AutoIdent Demo.

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