Securing replacement workers processes: IDnow supports STAFFELIO

STAFFELIO is an e-health start-up that develops a replacement workers and reinforcement management solution. Institutions can find substitutes or additional staff by calling on their networks of internal and external replacements as well as additional external pools – and manage and automate the administrative procedures of their integration (contract, electronic signature, etc.)

In 2021, STAFFELIO joined the Octime group (French planning and time management leader), thus creating STAFFELIO by Octime solution. Facilitites that are equipped with Octime can benefit from a native and unique integration to their planning solution. Navigation in a single environment offers increased serenity and time saving with all the information “planning and replacement management”.

STAFFELIO solution connects candidates with companies that need replacements or urgent reinforcements in the health and medical-social sector. Via a mobile application, candidates receive replacement offers that match their profile type and their wishes. They then have the opportunity to apply directly and sign their fixed-term contract online if necessary.

In 2018, STAFFELIO (formerly LibMed) called on IDnow to implement its automated identity verification solution The goal? Securely verify candidates’ profiles online.

To do this, the HR administrative management platform uses our identity document verification API. When registering on the application, the candidate captures his or her document which is automatically verified in less than 12 seconds thanks to deep learning technologies. This step, necessary in the Know Your Candidate process, ensures that the person behind the screen is who they say they are, and therefore avoids cases of identity fraud that could occur without a solid verification process.

This automatic tool also allows companies like STAFFELIO to avoid checking by hand all the ID documents submitted on the platform which can generate a long and tedious process as well as exorbitant costs.

Result? Security provided by IDnow for all STAFFELIO customers


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