Equal Pay Indicator Women/Men 2022 in France.

Since 2018, any company in France with at least 50 employees is obliged to calculate and publish an equal pay indicator (l’index de l’égalité professionnelle). The index is designed as a tool to end inequalities in employment and to take an action plan to reduce inequalities between male and female employees. In addition to making the index available to its employees, the employer must also provide details of the various indicators to the Social and Economic Committee and labor inspection.

The index is made up of five broad criteria which measure the inequality between women and men in companies. The five critera include:

  • Salary gap between men and women
  • Difference in rate of individual salary increases
  • Number of employees increased upon return from maternity leave
  • Distribution of the ten highest paid employees by gender
  • Difference in the distribution of promotions (only applicable in companies with more than 250 employees in France).

Promoting equality between women and men.

As per the “Professional Future” law of September 5, 2018, which aims to promote equality between women and men, below is the IDnow France 2022 equal pay indicator for women and men.

For its third year of publication, we obtain a result of 80/100:

  • Salary gap between men and women: 33/40,
  • Difference in rate of individual M/F increases: 35/35,
  • Rates of employees increased after returning from maternity leave: N/A,
  • Distribution of the ten highest paid employees by gender: 0/10.

To continue to increase the number of women in our teams, while ensuring that gender equality is maintained, we have drawn up an action plan reinforcing our actions and commitments in areas such as recruitment, career development, training, reducing pay gaps and work-life balance.

The action plan will be deployed over the year 2023 with the following main objectives:

  • Include women in top management / promote women in the succession plan,
  • For equal skills and qualifications encourage the recruitment of a female profile,
  • Return to a gender equality index of at least 85/100.


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