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Equal Pay Indicator Women/Men 2021

As expected from the ” Professional Future ” law of September 5, 2018, which aims to promote equality between women and men, here is our 2021 equal pay indicator for women and men.

For its second year of publication, we obtain a result of 86/100:

  • Salary gap between men and women: 38/40,
  • Difference in rate of individual M/F increases: 35/35,
  • Rates of employees increased after returning from maternity leave: N/A (no maternity leave),
  • Distribution of the 10 highest paid employees by gender: 0/10.

This year results shows a +11 points improvement compared to last year.

In order to continue to increase the number of women in our teams while ensuring that gender equality is maintained, we have drawn up an action plan reinforcing our actions and commitments in areas such as recruitment, career development, training, reducing pay gaps and work-life balance.

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