IDnow enables fully digital onboarding.

Solarisbank offers a technologically advanced and regulatory compliant banking ecosystem for Fintechs, established digital companies, and banks – and therefore has special requirements for onboarding.

Partners of Solarisbank can use the API connection to the platform to purchase not only Solarisbank’s e-money, instant credit, and digital banking products, but also services from third-party providers integrated on the platform. As a pure B2B2X banking platform, solarisBank has neither bank branches nor its own call centers.

As a fully digital bank, it is essential for Solarisbank business model to guarantee fully digital onboarding from the start. The requirement: Secure video identification must be possible at all times everywhere. Furthermore, a legally compliant and easily integrated eSigning solution was part of their requirement.

The responsibility was given to IDnow – and our case study highlights three decisive reasons why and how the solution makes a big impact on the market.

Case Study


Changes in the gaming industry

Why a purely digital onboarding solution was elementary for Solarisbank.

How to prepare your company for the new gaming regulation.

Which three reasons were decisive for the choice of IDnow.

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